WTT: JP + ENG Promos


Full list here


Everything listed will be shipped directly from my PWCC vault. Unrelated to the TCG, I have a bunch of sealed Lego (mainly 2000-2010) I’d be willing to trade too. Let me know if you’re interested!


I have some stuff you may interested in do you have Instagram?

I have an IG @hcd_collects but not a Pokemon specific one yet. Happy to chat in DMs here, there, or Discord – whatever works best on your end!

Followed thank you!

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Bump: just added a bunch of cards to both want and have sections

hey, I have a CGC 8.5 Luxray Nat’l Champ Staff - any interest in doing a one-for-one for the PSA 10 Smeargle 227/XY-P?

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Yeah, I’d be interested – will follow up in DMs

Are you just looking to trade or sell? Interested in your Exeggutor and Grand Party Trainer.

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Mainly looking to trade but will sell if it is a strong offer. Feel free to send an offer in DMs or on Instagram (the one linked on my profile)

Bump: Just updated my wants / have. Particularly super interested in the Battle-e Decoration Present, and XY-P Holo Energies!

Added some new items I’d be willing to trade: some no rarity JP base, autographs, STAFF stamps, and retro-era promos.

Moved my wants to Google Sheets to stay a bit more organized. I’m also looking for sketch cards from some of the earlier Topps Star Wars / Indiana Jones sets, would be happy to do a cross-hobby trade if anyone is interested

I feel like you and I interact time to time on IG. What do you value the React Energy at?

Yep, I think we were talking about your PSA 8 React Energy a while back. I’ll follow-up in DMs there.