WTB: Umbreon*, Japanese Promos, Boosters

Hello, this is my first post here, yay!

I just got into japanese cards so I’m interested in almoust every japanese promotional card. I don’t have too much money to spend so I’ll try to stick to the bargains.

Biggest wants:

Umbreon* (English)
Karen’s Umbreon

English Boosters
Mostly Base - Skyridge + some EX sets
Pref. 1st ed excluding Base set


Coro Coros (no Jumbos)
Lucky Stadiums
Japanese Promo lots
Mint English FRLG cards (Mostly EX’s, BT, Reverses and Holos)

That’s all I can think of for now and I’ll update once I figure out more. Just keep your offers coming and you can offer other japanese promos too.

I have a complete Base Set of FRLG with 2 exs (Electrode and Mr. Mime). Would you be interested in that?

Mainly in ex’s and holos since I have atleast 5 copies of most rares, uncommons and commons. Are they mint and what kind of price did you have in mind?

I have a few VS cards for sale?
I can discount if you wanna take a look at my thread?

Sure, just let me get 97 posts first :stuck_out_tongue:
Could you copy+paste your thread by pm or something?

VS Cards

VS Commons/Uncommons - 3 EACH

x1 Falkner’s Pidgeot - 001/141
x1 Falkner’s Fearow - 002/141
x1 Falkner’s Dodrio - 004/141
x1 Falkner’s Togetic - 005/141
x1 Falkner’s Delibird - 006/141
x1 Bugsy’s Pinsir - 010/141
x1 Bugsy’s Ledian - 011/141
x1 Whitney’s Clefable - 014/141
x1 Whitney’s Wigglytuff - 015/141
x1 Morty’s Hypno - 022/141
x1 Morty’s Noctowl - 024/141
x1 Morty’s Misdreavus - 026/141
x1 Jasmine’s Magneton - 028/141
x1 Jasmine’s Ampharos - 031/141
x1 Chuck’s Poliwrath - 034/141
x1 Chuck’s Tauros - 036/141
x1 Chuck’s Granbull - 037/141
x1 Chuck’s Donphan - 038/141
x1 Pryce’s Cloyster - 040/141
x1 Pryce’s Piloswine - 044/141
x1 Pryce’s Delibird - 045/141
x1 Clair’s Kingdra - 052/141
x1 Janine’s Arbok - 062/141
x1 Janine’s Weezing - 064/141
x1 Janine’s Crobat - 066/141
x1 Brock’s Kabutops - 069/141
x1 Will’s Jynx - 074/141
x1 Will’s Xatu - 075/141
x1 Bruno’s Machamp - 081/141
x1 Bruno’s Hitmonlee - 082/141
x1 Bruno’s Hitmonchan - 083/141
x1 Karen’s Rapidash - 087/141
x1 Full Heal - 132/141
x1 Pokemon Reverse - 133/141
x1 Switch - 134/141
x1 Warp Point - 135/141
x1 Energy Charge - 138/141
x1 Energy Ark - 139/141

VS “Rarer” Cards - 5 EACH

x1 Rainbow Energy (H)
x1 Steel Energy (H)
x1 Dark Energy (H)

VS Holos - 12 EACH

x1 Falkner’s Skarmory - 007/141
x1 Bugsy’s Scizor - 013/141
x1 Morty’s Murkrow - 025/141
x1 Jasmine’s Steelix - 032/141
x1 Pryce’s Sneasel - 043/141
x1 Bruno’s Steelix - 084/141
x1 Rocket’s Wobbuffet - 093/141

pokemontrader, pm sent.

I’m willing to pay fair amount for my biggest wants and maybe for others too so keep your offers coming.

Are you interested in buying a japanese promo lot?
I have about 50 mint set promos and 70 played/heavily played set promos which I’m willing to sell for only $65 shipped.
It’s a good way to build a collection as you get various cards from various sets for very little money.

LMK :blush:

I might be, however I’m a bit confused about what cards you’re talking about. Could you provade some kind of list via pm perhaps?