WTT+$ 1st ed. base pack for PSA 9 Shadowless Charizard

Hey guys,

I finally got back from being away for work and I’m back in business for slowly working on my collection. You may have seen that my 1st edition Base PSA 9 set is complete so now I’m working on my Shadowless set. I’m only missing 5 of the holos but first and foremost I want to get the big one out of the way.

I have a sealed Blastoise 1st Edition Base Set Booster Pack that’s in great condition with only one noticeable factory blemish that I can see (a small slit on the top that does not reach the top of the seal or the insides of the pack). I obviously assumed it was weighed when I bought it a long time ago. I expect you will too, however, I have not weighed it myself.

I will hope to get some pics of the Charizard before finalizing a deal. Here is a front and back of the pack:

My offer is to trade my pack plus $400 Paypal for a PSA 9 Shadowless Charizard. We each cover our own shipping.

Thank you for your consideration!


Not a bad offer. Goodluck!


To the top!

Bump it up!

@dazard91 here is my buy thread that falls in line with your trade thread. Please let me know if you are interested!


Your pack is legit, but condition will be a deal breaker to most of the picky collectors here… Have you tried selling it?

Shadowless Zards are super easy to find when you have the $. :wink:

I realize some people may want the pack or not. It really is a beautiful pack minus that one flaw I mentioned. I could sell it outright, and may down the road, but I figured I would see if anyone here would be interested first. I’m in no rush to get rid of this thing and most of the best transactions I’ve had in this hobby have been with forum members here. For those reasons I posted it up to see if anyone is looking for one!