WTB/Trade for psa 10 Skyridge cards and more

Hey, I am PokemonMaster556 from youtube and I have a wants list for psa 10 cards to help complete my sets. Im mainly looking for trade so here we go.

Skyridge Holo Psa 10 wants


Ex FireRed LeafGreen Psa 10 wants

Secret rare charmander

Ex Team Rocket Returns Psa 10

I dunno if I want the gold stars in psa 10 though. I already have all 3 in psa 9


Also willing to buy these cards in ungraded mint conditions!

How much are you paying for the Skyridge PSA 10 Holos?

Depends on the card of course :blush: I actually tracked down everything pack pulled mint except the houndoom. So if ya got one of those in 10 or raw Id love to work a trade or sale!

Interested in Japanese 1st ed. versions of these cards?

Nope only english. I have a couple e series 3-4-5 both 1st ed and unlimited holos coning soon! minty mint :blush: I need 32/32 of the holos in 10 and only need those 6. Pokephd You got some nice stuff bro!

Thanks! I was going to mention I have extras of Rocket’s Snorlax ex and Moltres ex in PSA 10 but they are 1st ed. Japanese. Best of luck finding the cards you want. :blush:

sometimes its a shame i dont collect japanese cards haha XD