WTB/Trade for English VS and Sample cards

Title basically says it. smpratte, I know you have a few English sample cards on eBay, I’m just seeing if I can land a cheaper deal. I know there were a few VS series cards released in English, and I’m looking for those. Also interested in the sample E-reader cards.

I’d rather trade than buy. I have basically everything… no Uxie Lv.X or Luxray GL Lv.X, though. I have a JPN Grand Party promo as well as an RH EX Dragon TVR (teeny tiny crease, otherwise mint) that I may be willing to trade. Let me know if anyone has these.

Hey politoed welcome to the site. I can make a deal on the cards if you are interested, both of those sets though are extremely rare so the price is not friendly :slightly_frowning_face:

But I usually just sell cards, I will have a graded sample card along with the one’s I have listed, but let me know what your limit is on money.

Ha, I’m familiar that the prices aren’t friendly. The card are very rare… are you sure there are fewer than 50 sets in existence of the Sample cards?

In any case, my spending limit is probably around $140 at the absolute highest. I have over $200 Christmas money, and I can sell my 12 or so Gengar Primes to make more once Lost World comes out, but I’d prefer to still have a little money leftover. This would sort of be my Christmas gift to myself.

Yes I am positive. A year or two ago I got a massive message from clive (avmozz from pokegym one of the most credible sellers and anything related to pokemon) about the information on the cards. He sent me some nice links and pictures of the actual games that are in the cards themselves when using the E-reader. Anyway he told me that he was certain that there were less than 50 copies. He knew the exact location and date of the event where they were handed out.

I sold one sample card to dogma for $75 and I can do that price for them, but that is certainly the lowest.

Avmozz used to give them away to people as gifts when you bought from him… but yeah, those days are over. I trust Scott plenty enough to hand him my cash when he told me $75 was a good deal. Doubt you’d find them for much cheaper so for your asking price its a little unreleastic

Thanks dogma! And yes I remember when he would give cards away, I am pretty sure he gave steve a ssb no 1 trainer after he won worlds, which is an incredibly generous gift :blush:

If I were to buy two for $150, any way we could stretch the payment out over two months? And what’s the condition like?

Dogma, I didn’t have an asking price, persay. He has them up for around $100 on eBay IIRC, just wanted to get them cheaper than that.

:blush: no problems, you’re right in trying to negotiate. Just pointing out what is a reasonable price is all. My card is mint as far as I can see if that helps.

They are all mint and we could do $150, and could you do it within a month?

If Lost World comes out, I’ll be selling all my Gengar Primes for $25-$30 each and making at least $300… so if that happens, I’ll probably just be able to pay you immediately. If not, we’d have a problem since I’d be too low on cash to in good conscience spend that much on cards.

So yeah. I’ll be able to give you a firm answer in a couple weeks. :]

Ok sounds good just let me know!

Well, I’ve managed to get some money, and I’m still interested in two of these at $150 shipped. Can you give me a list of what you have?

Yes I would suggest the hoppip and rapidash. I have a machop machoke and machamp as well but they would be better sold together, just to have all three evolutions.

But we can go ahead with the other two if you would like. I will send you a pm with my address and everything!