WTB PTCG Organized Play Promos

Currently I am looking for:

  • Deino 1st and 2nd place

  • Pumpkaboo full set (1st - 4th place)

  • Solrock full set (1st - 4th place)

  • Bronzong XY21 prerelease promo + STAFF stamped

  • Torchic Crosshatch Holo City Championships 2014-2015 promo + STAFF stamped

  • Combusken Crosshatch Holo Bremen Arena Cup 2014 promo (December 13, 2014) + STAFF stamped

NOTE: I have not seen the actual cards beed sold anywhere online and/or where they were given off and/or how rare they are so please make an offer that you feel is fair for them. I can either pay you with money or any card you may want, but I do not have any old cards except a shadowless Mewtwo in played condition and an unlimited Pidgeotto :stuck_out_tongue:. All of my other cards are from the most recent sets and not very rare and/or expensive.


Yeah, I saw this. I’m putting off the 1st-4th place League Challenge “trophies” because they’re SO much cheaper a few months after the next set of them has come out. It’s the difference between paying $15-25 each and paying $3-5 each.

My best advice is to look in a few months on eBay for them and snag an auction, which goes pretty cheap for these.

The Combusken you should also wait on. There is a rumor that they’ll be given out at the ECC this year because the distributor paid for extras and doesn’t care that they say “Arena Cup” on them.

Also, the STAFF versions of the Combusken weren’t given out at the event. They Judges were told they’d be mailed later on.

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Thanks a lot for the advice! It was pretty helpful since here in Greece there is no organized play!

But anyhow, does anyone have the Bronzong prerelease promos and the Torchic promos?