WTB PSA 9 No Rarity Holos

Hello Fellow Collectors

Trying to finish my PSA 9 No Rarity Holo set, Im searching for 5 more.

  • ($300) Venusaur
    -($250) Raichu

If you have any of these and are interested in selling please email me, Callum.kanaris1@gmail.com. Prices can be negotiated

Thank you!

PSA doesn’t grade Raichu anymore, FYI. It may price different than the rest due to this.

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They also don’t grade Venusaur anymore. Same reason as Raichu.

And why don’t they grade them anymore?

The number in the bottom of the card is incorrect.

The Raichu say No. 25 when it should be 26. Venusaur says 68 when it should say 3.


Thank you, didn’t remember that.

So PSA doesn’t grade it because it thinks it’s a fake? Or they do grade them but label them as an error?

They don’t grade them because f u they do what they want baby


Just got my raichu sent back from PSA and it’s honestly BS that they don’t grade it. I’m emailing them this weekend about it.

Are there any more No Rarity cards with these kind of (or other) errors that you know of? Any of the non-Holos perhaps?

Just purchased both of these for my non-English error side collection. Thanks for the information. :blush:


Uhhhh…you might not be eager to find out but the “height/weight” info box on the Charizard was wrong on the no rarity print

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Great… :sob: Ah well, just bought an Espeon Gold Star yesterday after finding out it contained an error as well… :stuck_out_tongue:


Going to be difficult finding a Blastoise for that cheap. Even with prices of stuff pretty low at the moment they are going for more than that.

Gastly has a slight text difference as well, I think it is in the attacks. It is a “spelling” or grammer mistake.

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i recently dealt with the buyer on eBay. He won two of my auctions. Messaged me AFTER the auction ended to negotiate changing the shipping from GSP, to save money and not pay the customs to Australia. I tried to help the individual by going directly through PayPal F&F for the price he won the items for. He refused. Tried to negotiate back-and-forth. Ultimately, the individual bought one of the cards elsewhere and only wanted to pay for the other card. I declined saying he is supposed to pay for the entire order – it is not a pick and choose scenario. Anyhow, it was not a pleasant experience for me. I just want to share this with everyone so you can make your own judgment about dealing with this individual.

One of the cards he did not pay for is the NO RARITY Gyarados. The other card he bought elsewhere was the Alakazam.


Your talking about OP??

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I dealt with this buyer many months ago. Like 3 feedback ebay. We also worked off and did paypal g&s (which he covered). Was $1k. Alrhough wverything worked back and no chargeback and we’re beyond the 180 day paypal support service. It was also quite complicated. I did take trust & registered package and all, but i can relate to picking and choosing what is wanted. We had a deal set up, the next morning when it was time pay, he wanted to swap cards and removed some saying he just bought the other. It was very odd, i remember because his efour name is similar to his ebay/irl name. Just my inputc but our $1.2k deal went smooth, even though we couldnt get another deal comfortably set up even though full intended to.

Hey People

Since two people have now commented on my dealings and have given their experiences on me, I figured I better reply.

In regards to yz2428, I did bid and win both auctions for the PSA 9 Alakazam and PSA 9 Gyarados. When I bid for something I expect to pay, as you should. However once I won the auction, I was surprisingly hit with a high Import fee to my middle man in NJ. they have recently added import fees to that state which i was unaware of. Regardless of this I still intended to pay. I contacted yz2428 to pay through paypal to avoid these fees. I was happy to pay the price I won the cards for through paypal, I avoid imports fees, he avoids ebay fees. Seemed like a win/win in my mind.

Yz2428 asked for another 5% for paypal goods and services on top of the already won auction price. In all honesty, it ticked me off that not only was he going to avoid ebay fees, he now wanted an extra 5% on top. His argument was its a huge risk to sell outside of eBay, if so then perhaps you should never of responded to my message to pay outside of eBay in the first place.

I always intended to pay for the cards I won on auction with yz2428, which I have done so, through eBay.

The OP did not pay till I opened an “unpaid case” on eBay against him the other day. OP initially stated indirectly he was not going to pay for the order through our message exchanges. Please don’t say you “always intended” to when that wasn’t the case. Why else would you put Gyarados in your buy thread here when you already “purchased” it from me in auction? I’ll leave that final judgment up to the others on this forum.

I did offer F&F for the initial price - this is a practice which large auctioners on eBay such as PWCC also employs. This is a win-win still. OP couldn’t agree with my one condition. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Im a beggar sorry ow high and noble one

Your reaction perfectly captures your actual maturity level when it comes to dealing with people and real life.


Please never deal with me again. You are blocked permanently.