WTB PSA 10 Japanese e-Series, Neo & more

Looking to buy the cards below in Japanese PSA 10 (will update with prices ASAP). I would prefer having the newer PSA label.

Graded CardsJapanese
PSA 10 Tyranitar Expedition -
PSA 10 Togetic The Town on No Map Aquapolis -
PSA 10 Azumarill The Town on No Map Aquapolis -
PSA 10 Suicune The Town on No Map Aquapolis -
PSA 10 Crobat Split Earth Skyridge -
PSA 10 Houndoom Mysterious Mountains Skyridge -
PSA 10 Larvitar McDonalds Promo -
PSA 10 Azumarill Neo Genesis -
PSA 10 Togetic Neo Genesis -
PSA 10 Umbreon Neo Discovery -
PSA 10 Scizor Neo Discovery -
PSA 10 Ho-Oh Neo Revelation -
PSA 10 Light Azumarill Neo Destiny -
PSA 10 Light Togetic Neo Destiny -

PSA 10 Mew EX Legendary Treasures: Radiant Collection -

I am open to negotiation on pricing.
Thank you!

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Update with more cards I’m looking for.

Updated my WTB list since I found some cards!




I may have a few, let me check stock.

Please let me know when you can thanks!

Give me about a week. I have all sets in japanese in pack fresh condition raw. If these cards have 10 chances ill let you know and express them to psa

That would be great! Definitely let me know when you can thank you.


Are there not supposed to be prices on here? I might have some you’re looking for


Man, sales data for these is hard to find. I bought a PSA 10 1st ed Town on no map umbreon holo and no recent solds to track. I hope you find all of the cards you’re looking for!