WTB PSA 10 Evolutions zard #11

Regular holo not reverse. $250 maybe a little more if very very clean.

. Last Sale was PWCC at $240

Merry Christmas!

I’d love to sell you one if my PSA returns bless me with one from the three I sent. Expecting results within the next week or two! Good luck finding one any who- I’ll come bother you again if I get one and you don’t have one yet. :blush: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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Awesome! Looking forward to it!

Amazing offer. Have witnessed many $200 sales recently.

Really?? Not on eBay though? Haven’t seen anything like that on completed sales!

I have a reverse holo one if you end up wanting one of those as well!

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Still looking for this card!

Where? I’d also love to snatch one up for $200 :blush:

Me too;)

I bought one for $275 back in November. Prices seemed too consistent after a year around the $300 mark. It’s interesting to see the price go down at this point with a tighter pop than most the other cards and consistent sales. If the trend continues, $200 may end up being just another price on the way down.

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I am receiving one from PSA either today or monday. Would be willing to let it go if you are still interested. Its a nice PSA10, very clean

Hey guys no poaching :nerd_face:

man I didn’t realize this card was so expensive. I guess I should grade some of my copies and see what happens