WTB Plasma Storm ETB

Box Found

Not sure how many people here actually have that items or collect ETB…

Hopefully another one could pop up on ebay for around $200

you could always message this seller

He’s firm on the price. Asked him months ago. It’s the last ETB I need but refuse to pay that.

His price will probably rise over time with his perceived value of it. Not really what you want to hear, but these things are not really easy to find and he may well get what he is asking. There have only been 3 sales in the past few months on eBay and all above your offer. I guess you can hope someone undercuts him in the meantime, but if anyone else decides they want it that bad expect the market value to jump $50-$100 or so. I can’t believe how much these went up. I bought nearly a case worth a couple years ago and opened a couple and sold the rest I want to say at about $70 each which was I thought was high at the time.

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I don’t think a ton of these are out there. I’ve seen a couple on eBay in the last year and one super overpriced on Amazon but that is it.

He must be reading this forum, because the price just increased $100 after months of sitting at $295.

Lol that sucks. One may come along.

OK ended up locating this box in Denmark for $90 + 50 shipping. What a hunt… Shipping is a lot but still comes out to much less than what I was willing to pay.


Wow, good find. Don’t fret at all about the shipping that you paid… I’ve never understood when people get hung up on that. You paid $140 for the box which was less than you were willing to. Whether it was $140 free ship or $1 and $139 shipping it was the same great deal.

If anyone else is interested in a box here you go! I asked and it is in English.


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Nope there were no taxes. It was in Krone, so maybe that’s why? I’ve never purchased things in the EU before.
I’ll update once I get it. And can comment on the shipping condition/time ect.

Well now they are telling me they no longer have it in stock after I talked to customer service. RIP… The hunt continues!