WTB Pikachu 229 15th anniversary promo, BW 19 Charizard...

Anyone have any of these for sale?

BW-P 229 15th Anniversary Pikachu Promo

BW Legendary Treasures
#19 Charizard
#22 Moltres

Yep! How much are you looking to pick it up for?

Hmm that’s a good question. If it’s very much I’ll probably wait for a but to get it since I’ve spent a lot lately on cards. I do eventually want it. Do you have an asking price and maybe we could negotiate?


Also does anyone know for the Ex Battle Boost Japanese set, is the #11 Charizard (equivalent to the #19 legendary treasures charizard) holographic?


It is the same, although the Japanese version is not Holofoil.

How about $30 on the Pikachu?

Ah dang no wonder the japanese is cheaper, its not holo. :confused:

Hmm is the 15th anniversary Pikachu your selling Mint? Its tempting.

It looks Mint/Gem Mint. I planned on sending it to PSA but don’t mind selling it as a single. :blush:

I can’t find a single flaw front or back (not even printing imperfections).