WTB master sets - from base set 2 to BW

hi, i am working on collecting all 72 (with sun and moon coming out soon) sets of pokemon expansions. if you have any master sets between base set 2 up to BW Legendary Treasures that you’re looking to sell, hit me up! I am aiming to buy sets that are in near mint/mint condition. not looking to buy sets that are in any worse condition than near mint. feel free to message me on instagram as i am more active over there.


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also forgot to mention, i am collecting english sets.

Wait, am I understanding this correctly? You want to collect all 72 sets as Master Sets (in English)? So you basically want to collect close to ALL English cards in existence (excluding promos / special mini sets)? :open_mouth:

I hope you have a nice income, because that’s gonna cost you, well… I dunno… But A LOT. Especially these days.

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey that’s my goal too! Getting close to finishing up WotC and already have a huge dent into the Ex line. I figure after those it should be pretty easy sailing!

As for the OP, I must admit that I don’t see master sets popping too often on older sets. Seems most sellers break them up into regular and reverse sets. There was some nice eseries reverse sets on ebay recently but they were/ are pretty pricey.

I do have an extra English Base 1st edition set & Gym Challenge 1st Edition set that I’d consider moving.

Hello. I have a Neo Destiny set I´m willing to sell. If you are interested, just tell me.