Mattytommo's collection - WOTC-Sun & Moon Master Sets!

Hey guys,

So thought I’d start a thread off to document my impossible journey of amassing every English set. I will also include promos and extra cards, but won’t target Trophy Cards (that’s a step too far!!)

I’ve finished the following (will edit as I go!)

  1. Base Set (Unlimited)
  2. Jungle (Unlimited)
  3. Fossil (Unlimited)
  4. Team Rocket (Unlimited)
  5. Gym Heroes (Unlimited)
  6. Gym Challenge (Unlimited)
    WOTC Promos
    Southern Islands
    Detective Pikachu

My current targets are:

  1. Neo Genesis (65/111)
  2. Neo Discovery (46/75)
  3. Neo Revelations (45/66)
  4. Neo Destiny (4/113)

After hearing great advice of buying in bulk because I need so many, here’s today’s deliveries! Bulks combined of about 3000+ cards spanning all sets!

Promos/Pre-release/WOTC stamped cards and a Base Set 2 68 card bundle.


I would love to go through that box purely for the nostalgia. Congrats on the bulk order! Looking forward to seeing how your collection evolves.

Bit of an update, managed to acquire both Pokemon Center and Lucky Stadium (FINALLY!) and even managed to scoop them both PSA 10 (pics when they arrive!).

Also bought the Southern Islands set - one of my favourite sets! The cards are in amazing shape, tempted to get the whole set graded, although not sure if it’s worth that hassle (maybe!).

Also finally managed to individually sleeve and categorise my 4,500-5000 cards and separate numerically into sets (that took FOREVER lol):

I’m still working on my master spreadsheet to track them all, will share that in the first post when I eventually finish it!


Last update for a while from me - we move house on Friday (20th) and then Christmas and then a new baby 9th January (separate thread for collecting that :blush:).

I’ve managed to finish off another 3 sets (technically 4 with Detective Pikachu): Base Set 2, Gym Challenge and Gym Heroes. I’m now also pretty much complete all the rare/promo cards from WOTC (aside from that Fossil 2000 Golduck). I still haven’t moved over to my proper Ultra Pro Pro Binders yet because I’m having an OCD freakout on how many spaces to leave/how to organise lol - I’ll sort that post-baby!

I’m between 60-80% of master setting the majority of the XY-Sun & Moon sets now too thanks to my bundle purchasing, I may move to finishing those off to be honest as they’re really cheap to pick up at the moment because no one has much interest in them (as opposed to Neo/E Series/Legendary that is).


Nice E3 Pika!!

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Long time since an update here!

So I’ve managed to finally master WOTC through to XY and am currently ~140 away from mastering Sun and Moon, so I’ve started documenting the collection on both Insta and YT. I’ll hopefully finish off Sun and Moon, then consider my collecting journey completed. It’s been a bloody long and expensive journey so far and I’m over 99% of the way there, last push now!

Started uploading them today with the first set mastered - Base Set


Congrats on closing in on the end–it’s a major feat to have almost all sets completed!

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Hopefully this doesn’t kill the thread, but will post the YTs in batches of 10 as I upload them, here goes the next 9 (10 inc Base I already posted!):

#2 Base Set (1st Edition) - #10 Gym Heroes


#11 Gym Heroes (1st Edition) - #20 Neo Destiny


#21 Neo Destiny (1st Edition) - #30 EX Sandstorm


#31 EX Dragon - #40 EX Legend Maker


#41 EX Holon Phantoms - #50 Legends Awakened


#51 Stormfront - #60 Call of Legends


Nice collection, couple of questions for you!

  1. Why did you decide to start collecting these master sets and why stop at Sun and Moon?

  2. Why did you decide to run the sets immediately after the prior one ends?

For the latter, I guess you did all your research before you started but still, 1 undiscovered promo/card/variant would be unthinkable in terms of how much would be needed to be shifted (basically everything!)

Thank you! Great questions :slight_smile:

  1. It was a dream as a poor kid back in 99’ to have completed sets and I guess that’s always lived in my head that one day I’d do it (as corny as it is, that used to be my “shooting star wish” when I seen a shooting star hahaha, kinda odd that it has come true though right!?).

  2. Probably the single biggest mistake I made to be honest, purely for the reasons you’ve said. Although every era is separated, I’ve had instances where I’ve had to move many hundred cards because I missed a card/miscalculated lol. It’s purely from a folder-saving perspective though, even stacking them like I do I still have around 65 folders (if it was 1 for every set there’d be WAY more lol) and they’re all like £20 a pop so the cost adds up lol.

In terms of stopping at Sun and Moon, I guess I needed to draw a line in the sand of when I’d stop, they’re never gonna stop printing them, so I’d never be finished. I have to ultimately complete the goal and then move on and sell them. Which I get some people find odd, but for me it’s just about completing the goal itself, rather than holding on (completer/finisher personality type!).

Oh my, that would break my heart. So much time and effort put into these binders to sell them? :sob:


Haha I mean if they were worth like a few hundred dollars I’d probably keep them, but the value is too much now to just have them stored away!

#61 Black & White - #70 Plasma Blast


#71 Legendary Treasure - #84 Evolutions

Last post for a while, but here’s everything to finish off up to XY. Need to film all the promo sets, then knuckle down on finishing Sun & Moon!