WTB: japanese gold stars and primes

Mainly looking for Japanese gold stars:

Umbreon star players
Espeon star Players

1st ed latios (MINT)
1st ed latias (MINT)
1st ed Rayquaza (MINT)

Vaporeon star WCP unlimited
Flareon star WCP unlimited

and then want and will pay accordingly
riachu prime daisuke promo sealed ($100)
umbreon/espeon diasuke promo sealed (sold on y!j for $320 few days ago)

Ill buy or trade for any other japanese gold star as well 1st or not as long as there are in nm/mt condition

I have a Metagross and Gayrados Both Mint 1st edition (Japanese of course). PM me offer?

ummm i can give you proof i f you want because it does happen and alot especially for riachu prime

ive seen it sold multiple time for $80USD on yahoo auction japan

and here is the link to the umbreon/espeon just to let you know


i wasnt interested in bidding the riachu at the moment so i didnt save the url
but it was the same seller.

So it does happen, and always does alwaaayyyys lol

One thing you need to learn: Y!J pricing is not anything to go by when selling outside of Y!J.

i dont quite undertsand? but im just looking for a fair price i dont mind paying $100 over a Y!J price but only for specific cards, in example the diasuke club ill pay $400

i have a middle man i could have easily won the last auction but he was busy and did not get my email until after the auction was over

If you are trying to buy something outside of Y!J, then you are going to pay normal market prices.
We can all win auctions on Y!J, but if we don’t, then we have to buy it outside of Y!J, and that’s when we have to pay normal prices. Since you were unable to pay the card off of Y!J for whatever reason, you can either wait for another Y!J opportunity, or pay normal market prices outside of Y!J.

please check again the seller stated the item is “unopened” 未開封 and it contained both cards
i did not say $100 i said $100 above y!j price so i would be willing to pay $420 and ive seen market price these sell for $500 before so i dont think its to difficult to find for less, as it has happened on ebay a few times.

ok i dont want to cause anymore trouble i was clear at giving and i believe you think you were clear at giving your. I will hopefully try to get my hands on these products soon for decent price as i follow the rule sell in which the buyer is pleased and buy in which the buyer is pleased :wink: