Looking for Gold Stars

I am looking specifically for ENGLISH Umbreon and Espeon (because there is no power on earth that will allow me to have the japanese tho I want them so badly)

I am willing to trade combine with cash up to the value of the Japanese or straight trade for the English.

I have a PSA 10 Umbreon and a PSA 8 Espeon, but no raw ones :confused:

*twitch gasp die* Oh man those are surely a pretty petty! D8 Well if you know anyone, could you guide me to them?

“with cash up to the value of the Japanese”

– Does that mean you want to buy a Japanese one, or just trade thousands of dollars worth of cards for one?

I was always hoping Pokemon USA would make an English holo promos of those 2…alas…they did not.

Yes, I am getting rid of a lot of cards, and really I don’t have that money so since I paid for cards, I may as well use them like currency to get the cards I really want… This includes a lot of my weird Pikachu (including Fiji Mountains) I know everyone on here will be quite tight about the values but honestly I have been here first and longest than any other forum and group and along the way I made friends (pokemon trader, unique username…etc…) Because the other group I’m in is just Wants=wants even if your value is higher and their trade to you is lower- if you want it, you’ll trade it. I can respect that, but I can’t do that if I’m going to lose out on it too much (5-10 dollar minimum loss…)

Well Good luck! Also, if you check ebay or yahoo auction every week for like a yr or 2…you will probably see one pop up at some point. Of course, you would have to buy, but still, its the only way I found some of my long-time wants.