looking for a japanese gold star flareon to buy

Why should someone list the card on ebay so you can buy it? This will lead to additional fees for the seller… so the price for you would be higher as well
A private sale is always better…

You don’t need eBay if you’re buying on this forum. :wink:
The only reason would be if you don’t have paypal or something (but still ebay would be a rather expensive solution).

Yeah sorry about that…i was going through some serious family issues and financial issues and i didnt have the money for it at the time. But i was too embarrassed to tell you. VERY sorry about that.
And im happy you got that card youve been saving up for! Looks amazing! Well worth it! Congrats.

And i just bought a 1st edition japanese gold star flareon in mint condition so that settles that problem. Now were both happy. Thanks!

@pokecardcollector – Congratulations, it’s gorgeous :heart: I hope to obtain Flareon (World Champions’ Pack, 011/108) someday! It is the only one I require, now.

UU you are only missing the Flareon, that is awesome!! Congrats :blush: Did they do Espeon and Umbreon in that set too?

They didnt do a Umbreon or Espeon reprint in the WC pack set the only reprint are the inferior POP version of them.

I actually dont have the umbreon…thats an expensive card my friend!
But i do have the players promo espeon!---->

Heres all the japanese eeveelution gold star cards i have :blush:

Thanks dude! Yeah i think the flareon is the hardest one to find…but be patient. I hope you get one some day! :blush:

@cbd1235 – Thank you!

@pokecardcollector – Thanks! I’m doing my best to be patient :>