WTB: Foreign Sandshrew cards

Hello everyone,

First thread is a WTB, how original :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Seeing as I managed to collect most Sandshrews I thought itโ€™s time to update this thread to be more specific.

Prices are negotiable to some extent, Iโ€™d be psyched if anyone here has any of these for any price :blush:

Sandshrew Masterset needs:
*Images are to show the art on the card. I used English cards for the image availability
-English Trainer Deck A Sandshrew ($60)
-Italian Breakthrough reverse holo ($5)
-Korean Base set unlimited ($60)
-Korean Base set 1st edition ($30)
-Chinese Base set unlimited ($40)
-Polish Mysterious Treasures normal ($10)
-Polish Mysterious Treasures reverse holo ($30)
-Russian Breakthrough (Turbo Impulse) normal ($5)
Russian Breakthrough booster packs at $7 a pack
-Thai Double Burst GX Starter Deck 069/169 ($10)

Other wants:
-Iโ€™m looking for the following Japanese Prime cards (from Legend era) in reverse and unlimited: Electrode, Celebi, Machamp, Kingdra, Scizor, Steelix ($50 each)

  • A Japanese CP2 pack, specifically the yellow one with Pikachu ($40)

Bump, if you have any of these/ can get any of these/ know someone who can get me these, Iโ€™d greatly appreciate it :heart_eyes: