WTB Clefairy Unlimited PSA10 (Holo)

Seeking the above card as titled.

Would be happily to discuss fair market price with anyone potentially selling.

In Australia and have purchased a fair few things off here. Paypal is easiest for me and I am sure for most people, can pay other ways if in Australia.

Hope to hear from someone soon.
Thanks, Daniel

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Hi, all WTB threads now require a price



Yes, aquaz is 100% right.

On a side note though, Daniel is a straight up guy and solid Pokemon collector:)


Thanks G :grin:

I apologise for my oversight of the rules. Only now noticed it changed a few weeks ago.
Hard to get a fair market price for one of these as I have no figures to go by. Iā€™d be willing to negotiate $150US+ on the going rate of many of them these days.

Cheers all