WTB: Christopher Rush autographed Mewtwo

Hello everyone. This is a pretty niche item but I am looking for a Christopher Rush autographed promo Mewtwo #12. I am looking to offer $3.5k, but this price is negotiable. Any pointers are appreciated, thank you!


I dont have anything to sell but you do have great taste sir!


Lowpoppin on instagram posted one. Higher then your price but might be worth lokking into as he accepts offers trades and i believe payment plans.


I can’t believe that this card sells for so much. Christopher Rush’s signature in the MTG community is relatively cheap. I suppose when you have him sign the only card he did for Pokemon + no chance for future signatures (i.e., he died in 2016), people are willing to pay up.

Good luck, I hope you find one!


Yes you are right. Christopher Rush signed a lot, but only a few people thought to have him sign a Pokemon card while he was alive, since he was primarily in MTG. Also, I think generally autographs are higher valued in the Pokemon community vs. MTG, and that applies to this card also, especially since Chris is no longer with us.

I did some looking around in the higher end MTG groups on FB, and talked to some others who were looking for the card. One guy said several people offered to sell him the card but once he put forward a price, they ghosted, maybe to use his price as evidence to sell higher. No idea if it’s true, but its at least possible. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has a copy seems to be holding out for higher prices.

One guy in Italy claimed to sell a raw signed card to a private buyer at $4k but I haven’t really been able to find concrete evidence of this. I may just wait for a public auction and try my luck.

On the bright side, Chris’s daughter Sierra Rush replied to me on FB and told me that she got several copies from her dad when he worked for WotC and gave them to her friends, so there should be some floating around somewhere. Finding niche items like this is always tough. I guess I will wait and see with this one.


I hope that you’re able to find one in your price range.

On another note, Sierra made art prints of the Mewtwo with her father’s printed signature in 2021. One recently sold in 2024.



She also was caught forging her fathers autograph and trying to sell them. :face_with_spiral_eyes: She’s banned from a few MTG Facebook groups.


Wait for real?

Yeah I didn’t want to be a buzzkill but what swole said is true. I also dealt with her directly and it was a headache. I stopped responding and just try not to think about her as I don’t want it to negatively affect my appreciation for Christoper Rush.


That’s a bummer

Wow I didn’t know that. Is there any link or article regarding the attempted forgeries? Would be good to know for my own reference.

Here are the details.

Christopher Rush’s Daughter Banned from MTG Art Market

In an announcement that stunned many in the Magic: The Gathering art collecting scene, Sierra Troi Rush, daughter of the late Magic artist Christopher Rush, was banned from the MTG Art Market, one of the internet’s largest markets for the auction and sale of original Magic art. In the statement released on Sunday by Jason Sirichoke, of the MTG Art Market admin team, he wrote:

"Sierra has offered for sale a number of prints which she claims include the signature of her late father, Christopher Rush. Multiple members of the community raised concerns directly to the admin team about the signatures on these prints and pointed to several inconsistencies. The MTG Art Market team submitted samples of the signatures to PSA and BGS authentication services, two independent third parties. Both authentication services returned a result of “likely not genuine” and will not pass full authentication if physically submitted.

Jason Sirichoke, MTG Art Market Admin.

Based on these findings, the admin team voted 9-0 to issue a lifetime ban for Ms. Rush from MTG Art Market. During the investigation into the allegations, Ms. Rush maintained that “the ones with his signature were all from his personal stuff or storage. Which would all have been made by him.”

Speaking to Quiet Speculation about the banning, Sirichoke suggested that folks with Rush prints now possibly questioning the authenticity of the signatures, should refer to Vault of Alexandria’s “Ultimate Guide to the History of Cards Signed by Christopher Rush,” or consult directly with an expert from the art community.

He had this general advice for collectors:

the #1 tip is to use the community and ask questions. We see people get burned the most keeping things “hidden” thinking they are getting the deal. There’s a lot of experience in this community and folks willing to help. No one wants to see anyone get ripped off.

Jason Sirichoke, MTG Art Market Admin.

It was a week of shakeups in all corners of the Magic community, but few could have predicted this next piece.


The fact that they used psa and Beckett quick opinion services is kinda laughable imo since it’s well know that they are unrealable at best and a monwy grab scam at worst in the typical autograph world.

Obviously id trust the experience of those that know his work and signature. I’d also trust either company doing a proper in person review.

Just find it interesting they used the most useless and unreasonable authentication option to form there opinion on banning someone that is linked to such iconic works.


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Not sure if you are still in the market but another copy of this card just popped up on ebay (although above your listed price range):

I can’t speak to the authenticity of the autograph so over to you and your own research if you’re interested in this card. Good luck!

Yes, that one has been on my radar before. The graded versions all seem to be in the $6k to $7k range. Thanks for pointing this out!

That one is from @Kampes_Cards, you should reach out directly

Opening some random thread that doesn’t concern you and getting hobby forgery tea is what makes this site so good :pinched_fingers: