WTB Charizard Base Unlimited and Base 2 Mint ungraded

Hey I know most of you probably Grade Mint cards yourselves, but if you do not and your looking to sell some of those base 2 and base unlimited Zards let me know. I’ll even buy multiples if you got em. Also updated. Looking for PSA 10 Evolutions 11/108 Zard… ($300)??.

Base set Unlimited ungraded NM $60-100
Base set Unlimited Mint $100-300 (can negotiate if you have something really nice obviously)
Base 2 NM $40-80
Base 2 Mint $80-250 (can negotiate if you have something really nice.

I don’t have much open to trade right now but I would be potentially open to trading these few things

Charizard Unlimited PSA 8.5 value $180-200
Charizard Base 2 BGS 9 $200-220
Shadowless base booster pack Charizard art PSA 9 $250-280

Also quick note but I have a PSA 8.5 1st edition Zard ($4200) and would be open to trading for 2 PSA 10 base set Unlimited ($2000 each) for it…

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Good offers. I think you’re crazy to do something like this though… I would insta do that trade if I had them.


Hey Yall! Would anyone do me the great service of being the middleman between myself and pokeconnect? I am in Canada and he the US. I will ship express to try and get mine there asap. Will also throw in a little something in the package to make up for your time.

Was thinking a PSA 9 1st ed base set fire energy… I have an extra!



also In Canada and have issues with this. been using this for the past 3 months and love it www.neopackage.com/?a=831 had many packages sent there and then they ship them to Canada.

an alternative if no one will middleman for you.