WTB: Base set 2 Wigglytuff PSA 9

Hello all,

I’m looking for this darn Base set 2 Wigglytuff in a PSA9. I know, a super rare card here!

It’s the last one I need to complete my Base 2 holo set, and for some reason I keep missing the auctions.

Looking to pay $90 for a newer slab (all the other ones are, so want to keep it consistent)

Thanks! Everyone have a great day!




edit: whoops just saw newer slab. Ignore me

All good, I’ve been watching this one for a bit. I was thinking of just going for it, but then it’d bug me being in a different slab. Thanks for looking out though.

Getting the collection just right is the beauty of collecting, so I feel you on that.

I appreciate your mix of basketball and pokemon! Good luck on the search

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FYI, you can get the Wigglytuff on the website cheaper than eBay. I bought a PSA 10 Base 2 holo from them for good price in the past:


These are hard to get in a 9 and nearly impossible in a 10. I wouldn’t worry about Cert # but up to you I guess I can understand wanting the consistency of cert numbers/labels but personally doesn’t bother me.

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@jabby awesome, I didn’t realize they would have different pricing on thier website. I guess that makes sense, since they don’t have to worry about the fees.

Still holding hope I can find one for a decent price. Someone had to submit these with that backload of bulk.

The labels don’t matter too much in the long run, but it also adds a bit of a challenge.

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I follow the registry pretty close for Base Set 2 as I actively collect it. I’ve seen a few 9s but a lot of 7s and 8s for Wiggly. Only a single 10 in the past year or so which is ridiculously rare. It’s extremely condition-sensitive and usually marred with print lines or bad centering issues. Another problem is, it came in the starter decks but being on the top it usually has the sticky residue on it so it can’t get a normal high grade.

I found one in Ireland, it’s a little over your budget but a newer cert #:


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Why not just buy the D&A one and eventually get it recased?

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