WTB PSA 9 1st Ed Base

Last 2 cards to complete the set:


Prices can be negotiable depending on strength of card and stamp varient.


Be sure to post a pic/thread when you end up completing the set. Best of luck finding these – looks like the hardest are out of the way(?)

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Thanks! Yeah big hitters are out the way.

Offers increased

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Would you entertain a cgc 9 zapdos?

Just after PSA atm, thanks anyway

Okay i have zapdos in psa 9 as well, just would have to break up my set. ill dm you

Bump, last 2 cards needed

I will say the prices for 1st ed base seem to be on the rise since before xmas. 1.1 k and 900 would be really great prices for the cards mentioned. 1.3k for both would be a bit more ball park I think in the current market. Best of luck!

Prices can always be negotiable (I’ve edited my post)
Although the last 2 clefairys sold at auction for under $900, one yesterday (I missed it while bidding on other cards the seller had listed) and the last hitmonchan sold for under $1100 on the 9th Feb. I believe my offers to be fair, especially when the seller can avoid fee’s. I personally haven’t seen them increase. Appreciate you’re trying to help but what are you basing that statement on?





@sherbert13 Between selling fees and capital gains taxes people should really value our offers higher. For example your $900 offer is more like $1050-$1100 range once you factor that in. Good luck on your search!

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