WTB 1st ed. Base PSA 10

Seems the average sales price is like ~$20-30 more than you’re offering on both cards (Just a quick glance at both PokemonPrice and PSA Auctions Prices) - usually one would offer slightly more here, to attract someone with the card :blush:

P.S Fedt navn - held og lykke med søgningen :stuck_out_tongue:

PWCC has an auction right now for the PSA 10 Pidgeotto and Farfetch’d. Also you can check PSA website for auction prices. The Pidgeotto has an average selling price of $185 for the last six auctions.

Is the $185 before or after you take into account eBay selling fees? Take the eBay fees off and the average price would be around $167.

Are you people serious? I’ve seen lowball offers before, but OP is more than fair with these offers.

If you have the cards they’re looking for, you’re more than free to counter at $10-20 more. Lol


I just recently found out about pokemoprice.com and PSAcards auction page but my reasoning behind the prices was initially based on searching for sold items and taking out eh eBay fee.
I just picked up a Farfetch’d PSA 10 for $85 including shipping (on eBay) so I don’t mind paying more than 70 - if you have either of those cards do let me know as im still interested :blush: