Wrestling figures

so I may have told you here before (can’t remember)
that I have a side collection of wrestling figures
probably easily … around 400-500 figures
maybe a bit less

anyway I’m not into them at all anymore
I’ve listed a few on ebay
some have sold but it’s a slow process doesn’t go through that fast (and I’m really not interested in doing a job lot , because I can make much more by selling individually which will help me fund my pokemon wants like that sexy play Espeon )

so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for a kind of forum for these or any contacts who buy them (collector wise) (not deep deep collectors who only want boxed ones but you know what I mean)

Sorry if nobody can help or this isn’t allowed

Just ignore ;p

Ask this guy! :grin:

In all seriousness, my website or Bran’s site.