World Championships 2011 Swag

What should this stuff be worth?
Im not going to worlds :sob: since Im in Canada and there is no league in my town, and I really like some of the items in them xD

Mainly these thingsā€¦

The Screen Cleaner
The Pikachu Plush
The Shirt
The Binder + Cards

I was told by someone that people can get basically all of that but the cards from the worlds store or whatever for ~$70?

Binder was being sold for $100.
Pikachu Plushie was being sold for $25

I dont know about the other items.

I heard that some people sold the binder for $40 since you could get it at the worlds store?

Binder with promos goes for $100-125.

and why is it then that people keep telling me that the promos alone go for $100-150, like :dizzy_face:
Thanks :grin:

They do. I know a couple hit $150 but I saw most around $125. I think they will be the highest worlds promos!

a recent set of the new promo with the binder sold for for prices on how much the things went for my friend went there and got me some stuff but here is whats listed

The Screen Cleaner-looks like it was given to the people competing at worlds but also were given out as random prizes
The Pikachu Plush-15 each but SOLD OUT quick
The Shirt-15 as well but it was black while the competitors had a white one saying competotor
The Binder + Cards-binder itself was pretty cheap but like other stuff it sold out quick the cards were given as the goodie bag with people who were invited to worlds and won in nats and stuff
plus the ever popular playmats went out like hotcakes and right now online going for the 70+ range looking at it
they also had luggage tags for 5 a piece and i will say i think out of all the artwork for worlds the past years this year tops them all.

I sold a couple of these at Worlds:

Pikachu Plush $40 ea
Worlds 9-card set $125-$140
Worlds binder $20
Worlds Playmat $50-$80

o_0 I got my plushie for $25. Will it hold its value?

really much for this years plushie i say give it time.cause for me this years logo and theme is one of the best worlds has done.i recently looked into worlds stuff and last years hawaii pikachu fetched for the 20-30 range just last week during worlds.there was a pikachu from this years worlds that sold for 50ish but it had a string bag and patches.if japan ever releases that plushie the value will just go down alittle.