Pikachu World Collection (Green)

Does anyone know how much the Pikachu World Collection (Green) is worth?

There is one on eBay for $500 but I don’t think it is worth anywhere near that… Is it?

if it is then I shouldn’t of bought the blue one lol

$15-$20 should be a fair price for one.

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Wow these cards are beautiful! How common is it to come by these cards in the binder, factory sealed, like that?

pretty common I have the blue one which is even easier to get

There is an inexpensive set on eBay right now. :blush:

awww shucks i need to restrain myself bit until i get my next pay check tho. i’ll try to keep my collecting as slow as possible (i don’t have a super big budget and i’m saving for an apartment) but it is tempting…such cute pikas.

if you wanted the Blue one I could send thatfor a reasonable price;p

If he doesn’t want the blue one I may be interested if its still sealed and depending on the price. The blue if I remember correctly is the Sidney 2009 set right?

I feel your pain guppy that there’s too many cards to collect. Its super easy to get sidetracked.

I’m interested but must restrain haha, let it go to timewaster for now!

Also, @timewaster1700, I’m not a “he” ;> (no offense taken haha)

Yeah mine is sealed and I believe so yeah

Ah my apologies :confused:
Hehe hard to know on a forum ya know?

how much you wanting for yours?

you can offer me I never like saying a price, haha, also where are you from as I’m from the uk so you may want to take postage into consideration

Ah ya if your from the UK I’ll probably wait on this one. If its a valuable card the postage isn’t a problem with the UK but for cheaper sets like this its probably not going to be worth it for me. Thanks though

that’s ok lol a guy bought a card from me in the netherlands other day and postage was like 8.20 ;/ its a pain in the ass when i buy from abroad too, anything thats in a box customs screw me lol

Wow that’s ridiculous! Ya international postage can be insane!

my first wildblaze box cost me £56 coz of custom fee

Holy cow that’s nuts!

meh ;p happens haha

@timewaster1700: haha it’s ok, i thought i had this little female symbol under my icon, but when scrolling through the forum on my phone later on, i saw that it doesn’t appear like that on phones!

good luck with the deal guys! (and thanks for offering.)