Will I be charged customs (canada) for $60 spent on amiami?

I don’t know if it’s possible to get a straight answer on this, but I figured I’d try to ask anyways. Will I be charged customs/import duties? I did a little research myself, but didn’t really find anything that answered my question.

I want to buy the Premium Champion Pack from amiami, and with shipping the total should come to about $60 CDN, which is expensive enough, so I don’t want it if I’m going to be charged even more at the door. I’ve ordered twice from them and wasn’t charged anything extra, but both orders were card sleeves and under $30.

I *think* anything under 50 is untaxed, over is.

I remember reading it was 60, but that was a while ago and I couldn’t find anything about that when researching (googling) today. I also bought the shiny collection some time last year on ebay for 51.49 (from japan), and I wasn’t charged any duties, but I read that it can be random… sometimes they ding you, sometimes they don’t, so I could have just gotten lucky.

If you’re concerned about charges, you could use one of the Japanese middlemen we have on the forum.



I declare all outgoing mail as low value, damaged goods, gifts etc to avoid european, canadian custom fees. Not many sellers will take that risk, but of course if it is incredibly high, i might need insurance on the item.

You need to check your canadian laws for import and custom duty fees, if you suspect you will get charged, you are likely to be… as amiami is a full on retailer who won’t mis-construe custom declarations…

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This thread has lots of useful information about customs charge limits inc. Canada. :blush:


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OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG… I have a massive package, ANd maybe you can help me @kkthxbai Ill pm you. it will only cost like 2,000 JPY to deliver it to you since you be in japan as aposed to like 160aud, and den you can get rid of all the crappy 5kg of uncommon/common


I’m not doing middleman service for people yet. I’m not a garbage disposal middleman either. Lol

I might help people buy directly from the pokemon centre when exclusive stuff pops or whatever later on… But would have to charge a little.

Not sure if I wanted to Do it yet. As I have enough trouble getting around Japan with no Japanese skills.

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Yeese i would pay you of course, but I understand.

Been hard enough to try and set-up yja here… And getting valid credit cards and banks set-up which yja allows for only citizens or Japanese people.

It’s immensely anti foreigner here.

In my experience you will be charged customs. Amiami won’t mark the value lower so the customs thresholds apply, anything $20 and over for merchandise and $40 and over for gifts will be charged customs. I’ve had some luck with stuff in the $20-35 range not being charged anything, but at $60 I’d say its more likely than not you’re going to get hit with fees.

Keep in mind there’s a $9.95 processing fee for any item that can be charged customs in addition to the actual fees. It would probably end up being more economical to buy from a US-based eBay seller who could agree to mark the value lower.

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I have heard stories that is cheaper to pay for multiple shipments than customs.

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