Why does The AUSTRALIAN Ebay be so shit???

Hi guy why the hell does ebay Australian Site be so SHit and not let me list items for more than 10 days… WHy can’t I put my stuff up forever, and keep adding… It says nothing about changing to this awesomeness, even if you buy your store subscription… Anyone got a solution to the problem, then it would be awesome. I can’t even list my stuff onto the US Site anymore because I dont have US paypal… Things be shitting me off.

Im trying to become the most succussful ebayer on the planet, and things are not working like i wanted them to. :rage:

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I dont have a US paypal and I can list on their fine.

Is yours a Uk one or something?

Im going to try again now and see what happens.

HOLY CRAP IT WORKED!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! NEVER MIND GUYS… ALL IS GOOD. They charged me 0.30 cents but I dont give a shit. I never have to list it again…

How do I make my store and stuff look all pretty with options and backrounds and shit… @garyis2000

It says this crap again… Must be something to do with the way you lick on sell an Item :

Please provide the correct information in the highlighted fields.
ZIP Code - Enter a 5-digit numeric ZIP Code.
City, State - Please enter a valid value.

i have figured out, that you have to actually go to the US website insead of clicking on a us item and then clicking sell similar item. :grin:

To my knowledge, on the Aussie ebay, to get listing times longer than 10 days you have to pay for a store.

You can list on the US site by signing in with your normal credentials but their listing requirements are different. I think one of the differences is longer listing times but I not certain.


Thanks for the information. Now that I can do the listings with no time limit on the US site through my account, I may not need to get the store in a hurry. I really want a store though, so I will be making my Ebay a store sometime in the future.

it’s good maybe to get some screen shots if you run into errors to better understand.

But; yeah i’d recommend doing just even the lowest level ebay store, helps save on listing fees if your doing a significant amount, and allows the list until sold setting. which just keeps rolling over listings for you automatically until they sell.

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