eBay sellers - I could do with some help!

Hi - basically, my items don’t show up in international listings. If you look at my store with .com, no items. Change that to .co.uk, it works.

ANyoen know why this is? I’ve encountered it on a few other sellers, that all offer international postage - so I can’t figure out what the problem is.

FOr the amount I pay eBay for my listings, I expect my items to be shown worldwide. Really annoying.

I’ve sent them emails but just get standard answers back that go on about ‘indexing’. It’s not a problemw ith indexing - it’s that eBay now seems to be made up of numerous different sites instead of one. Annoying.

Can you link your store please?

Is your exclusions list clear?

That is the same with me. I list my items just on .com rather than .co.uk as I get more exposure on the US site. I think your items might appear on the .com site when you specifically go to the setting of the search and change the item location option as that is set to US on default. Try entering worldwide and see what happens.

My items dont appear on the UK site unless you change the settings to international search and im presuming the same is happening to your items. I havent listed on the UK site for a long time as I get better exposure on the US site plus the fees work out to be cheaper.

Its infuriating - I got this response from ebay:

*Dear guangjoe

Thank you for writing eBay, My name is ____, the representative of eBay Customer Service and I am glad to help you!

We understand you have quary about your items` visibility.

Here`s the thing, according to ebay rule, if your items are listed on ebay UK site, then your items can only exposed on ebay UK site, which works for all ebay sellers.

And please do not worry too much, since not ony UK buyers will visit ebay UK site, buyers from worldwide will also visit UK site so your items have chances to be exposed to buyers from different country, too.

If you want your items to be exposed on other ebay site besides UK , then I am afraid you have to list it on other ebay site.

At last , I am sorry to tell you we do not have account type as “international”, please understand.

As always, our goal is to help you with your problems as quickly and accurately as possible. Please feel free to let us know if we could be your further assistance.

Best Regards,*

So how do I list on ebay.com ? Do I need to make a new, US account?


Yeah, no country is excluded. Ship worldwide. Apparenty that isn’t good enough. Looks like I need to make a new account? Ridiculous.

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Just log into the .com site and list as you normally would.

I could definitely understand why a seller would be upset with an auction not reaching an international audience. As a buyer it grinds my gears having to have 5 different Ebay windows open just to search for certain cards. (Eg, German, US, Uk, Aus and the rest)

Seriously why would you not have it as a totally linked international site? Because of the all mighty dollar…?

Thanks - When I logged in under .com, there was no ‘selling’ option. The only way around this was to find a U.S seller, and then click ‘sell similar’ on their item. Now saved that as a template for future sales. Means potentially cutting out my UK buyers…but US might be a better market for my cards. Thanks for your help!

I know, right? Infuriating to pay so much in fees and not have the international exposure I assumed I was getting. The sites used to be more connected, I don’t know when they changed the system.

NOT promoting my ebay - but could someone verify it can now be viewed? At least my latest item anyway:


you already come up…


you have to search on ebay.com under advanced settings… and set the ‘location, from preffered locations worldwide’ if you don’t select this it will only show international listings at the very end of an entire search processed on ebay.com

Yeah thanks mate, these are my new listings. I removed everything and put them up again as US listings. Some with UK exposure. Thanks for the help

I was wondering - can I use ‘Pokemon’ in my shop name?

I’m trying to come up with a new name for my shop. My mate runs a box and packaging company here in China, and can make me custom boxes with my ‘brand’ printed on the side for pretty much free.

I need to come up with a new name if I can’t use ‘PokemonChina’

Yes you can use Pokemon in your shop name. Legally speaking it is technically trademark “infringement” but to make a long boring story short practically speaking you will never have a problem

“Chinpokomon” :wink:


Haha, I was considering that! Might imply fakery though

You should be allowed to use it. Charizard is copywritten.


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Well, I’ve gone for it. Hope it works out - as I’m getting boxes printed with my logo on them!

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If your shop ended up being successful and for some reason you started selling merchandise with ‘PokemonChina’ on it, or whatever name you chose with Pokemon in it. Then you’d be in for a sue-ing.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend having boxes printed with the name. It’s one thing to use the name as an eBay handle (though even that could possibly land you in trouble). Having packaging produced that uses another company’s trademark, however, is just asking for trouble.

You might even find your packages seized by customs officials on suspicion of being counterfeit merchandise.

Not worth the risk…


Glenn is absolutely right. Using their name could complicate shipments. Plus, the Pokemon company is very protective of their brand. This I can personally attest to.