More eBay trouble

I’ve been selling quite some stuff on
To make your auction visible on, you have to pay $0.50.
That’s fine with me so I use that for all of my auctions.
However, about 75% of the time, they remove the visibility after I place the auction.
I get some general message about it, saying there’s something with the policy and whatnot.
Nothing that really clears up why I’m not allowed to sell my stuff on the UK website.
Does anyone know what could be the problem? They’re just regular pokémon cards, not jewelry, fur, body parts or anything. :confused:
I’ve had two offers from people from the UK on my Japanese booster box (they allowed this one), so there seems to be quite a lot of potential buyers over there.
Plus, shipping to the UK is much cheaper for me, but I put my auctions on .com since there’s more people on there.
Any advice? Can I email ebay about this, I looked at customer support but they tell me to call them…

That seems like a bunch of customs stuff to me, so I’d just email or call ebay.

Not really dying to call an American phone number with my Dutch phone…
Can’t email .com so I emailed
Still, I have items that they DID allow, but they remove the other 75%.
If it was a customs thing, that would mean the British never buy pokémon items overseas?
Seems hard to believe.