Why do some sellers cover up the cert # on PSA graded cards?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

I think they do it so people don’t steal their images. Idk it’s a little weird but I buy off a guy that does this on ebay and every card he sent me has been legit so far.
Edit: they also might do it so whoever they got the card off of doesn’t see them immediately listing it for sale at double the price.

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There is no legitimate reason to hide a serial number.


I refuse to buy from people who hide information about the card.

Some muppets cover the serial but not the barcode. Makes me wonder why bother?

  1. Because it’s a card they bought from someone else, and are trying to sell it for profit without anyone knowing it’s the same copy

  2. Because the buyer asked the seller to block the cert #, so no one knows what they’re paying for the card

  3. Idk

I’m with Scott on this one. There’s no real reason to be blocking out the serials on the cards, but to each their own.

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I love when they block it out on the front and keep it on the back


Honestly, I think most people just saw someone else do it and they don’t know why but want to emulate.

“X many other people did it, so there must be a good reason I’m not seeing.”



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The only real reason I can guess is if you’re selling multiple copies of the same card in the same grade and don’t want people to raise an issue about sending an item with the wrong number.


Thanks, guys. I thought it was a dumb and shady practice, and now I know for sure that it is.

This is the only reason I can Imagine. I tried to work a good way to not mix up sending the wrong numbered Charizard I have listed on eBay. But since I only have one listed i put the second one in a different stack. I can Imagine that for bulk sellers blocking the id is easier.

If you’re selling graded cards, you should have individual listings imo.

These aren’t 50 cent commons :wink:

True, but if you send in 10 of the same and you get all 10s making a buy-now listing and blacking out the id and put the stock on 9, it will save you tons of work. And with bulk, graded or not, every second you save on listing is welcome.

In that case list every card, you have 12 pictures =)

I’m not sure about the reason but I’d be interested as to whether people think it results in any issues with this listing I found. The seller did not explain why they included the tape over the number, it’s just there.


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I bet he got it for way cheaper than he’s trying to sell it and doesn’t want people to find out. Off topic but I’ve been trying to get one of these in a 10 for forever. Every time one comes up (which isn’t often) they have centering issues.

Sellers do that cause they’re hiding something. Good reason or bad, it always looks suspicious.
I do have a couple young people who built their stores on my cards/photos. Both in countries I don’t normally ship to. They lift my pic, block the number, then list it for higher. If they sell, they quickly buy mine and turn a profit. I had them blocked until I realized it wasn’t hurting me so I let them do it.

In all my years on eBay and Yahoo, since the 90s, not once have I utilized this tactic…until today. I listed 2 PSA 10 1st base wartortles together and blocked the numbers. I can’t say why, but it was for a very unique reason not mentioned above. It won’t become a habit lol.

Well me personally I usually do it because I have had found out that someone had once taken my number and photo shopped it onto a fake psa card. One that happens to me i have been blocking them out.

That’s a weak reason. Anybody with half a brain wouldn’t be affected by somebody lifting the number and using it in another listing. 99% of people don’t even pay attention to the number but if it’s blocked out a ton of us just move on and don’t even open the listing. I show the numbers even on my $10,000 plus cards.
Hope that info helps.