Hiding PSA serial number when selling a PSA card

I’ve been noticing, that some sellers cover their serials on PSA cards. How so? Does this give them something and/or should you look out for these kind of sellers? Could someone elaborate on that?

People do it because they think people will fake the certs.

There’s no good reason to hide the cert of a card you’re selling.

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When someone hides the cert but leaves the barcode, you know what kind of person you’re dealing with.


How do you scan a barcode with a flip phone? Asking for a friend.

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You could try uploading to a site like online-barcode-reader.inliteresearch.com (which may or my not work.


(Or get a new phone!)

Could be a flipper that doesn’t want you to know how much they bought the card for.


This ^

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Basically this

Hiding something? Pass!


I think it could also be they have multiple copies for sale and don’t want to suggest that a buyer would get the particular one used for photos.


@pkmnflyingmaster Haha, dry humor on the interwebs FTW :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just get a new friend.


Scumbagpratte & friends on action

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Why can’t you be upfront and honest. If you’re hiding the cert number, what else are you hiding from the buyer?

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I never buy cards with numbers hidden as it means I can’t be sure I’m getting the card pictured.

How can you find out for how much he bought it if you know serial?

This card has taken a dive bomb in price. Anyone flipping this would have lost a good bit of money.

Either avoid the seller altogether or ask to see the exact card with the cert showing.

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This guy right here breaks it down in 4:20.

In all seriousness, no other hobby covers the cert numbers like in pokemon. It’s hilarious seeing people desperately try and defend why they are covering the only thing that authenticates the card.

In short, the cert number is more valuable than the grade.



My guess would be that they don’t want you to see the PSA Auction Prices Realized when searching the cert number.
Not sure what this card is currently going for, but when looking at the cert number, we can see it’s last owners were all flippers:

12/1/2018 - Sold for $2,025
6/6/2018 - Sold for $2,749
3/29/18 - Sold for $3,349

Another reason one might block out the cert is so that they don’t have to give you the exact card pictured.