PSA Cert number.

Just a shower thought I had today. I know some people on social media that hide or blur out their cards ID number on the case. Is there even a point to doing that? The PSA cases must be near impossible to duplicate or forge.


Flippers hiding the price that they paid for the card.


For higher end cards - some buyers dont want people to know who they got their card from. Protects the seller of the card. Its up to personal preference.

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Hiding the serial number, especially on high end cards is the worst thing you can do. One of the fundamental aspects of grading a Charizard, trophy card, illustrator, etc. is to provide authenticity, ie consumer confidence. The serial number verifies the Authenticity. No reputable outlet allows cosigners to cover up serial numbers. That type of nonsense only exists on social media.

I don’t even know what “protecting the seller” means. Protection from what?

In short, there is no legitimate reason to cover up a high end collectibles cert number. The cert number is more important than the grade.


Not only flippers, but people who buy a card off someone then claim on ebay/paypal they never got the card, can then list the card on ebay few months later and hide the serial so no accusations are made…


The sellers are hiding something more than the number.
If you see that just walk on by cause it’s probably shade city;)