Who will inherit your collection?

I’m not going to lie, I sometimes wonder about this. Sometimes, my mind gets a little bit creative and I wonder if one day some team of archeologists will find my collection behind the bookshelf after thousands of years and wonder what these were lol.

All jokes aside, having my family come over the holidays opened my eyes to this possibility. My partner and I don’t have kids and, as a result, my nephews would probably be the ones inheriting all of my collections. However, spending time with them made me realize that none of them know what’s behind that door in my game room. They are in the ages of 13-15 and they are not into Pokémon, maybe I should get them interested in it lol. Now, the aspect that my collection can be sold for a decent amount of money and maybe they can use it to pay for college or something gives me a peace of mind but the fact that no one would enjoy it does bother me.

So my question is, have you thought about this before? Who will inherit your collection if you passed away? **Do you think this person will enjoy your collection or just simply sell it?

Just curious :grin: .**


The Government XD because they take everything!!!

Im still youngish, so I havent thought about it. It wont be an amazing collection but it will be interesting to think about where it will be in 100 years…sold on…in the family or gone (theft, fire, accident or complete world destruction :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Same person that will get my 401k and life insurance policy, my gf!

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I’m not sure who would inherit my collection but on a side note, I’m going to inherit someone else’s collection!

A co worker of mine, that has retired last year, told me I am in his will to inherit his card collection. When I got back into collecting Pokémon in late 2015 early 2016, I would stop in salvation army’s and goodwills on my delivery routes looking for cards. He was riding with me a lot and would come in hunting with me. Most of the time we would find sports cards(Which I didn’t want) so he would cop them. Then when he retired, I still continued to pick up the sports cards that I find and i drop them off at his house.

A few weeks back I ran into him at our local fareway and he told me he put me in his will and I’m getting his collection! I was flattered! He’s an older guy in his late 50’s so he’s got cards from way back in the day. I don’t know anything about sports cards though lol but I’m sure there is some value. He literally has a spare bedroom full of binders and boxes of cards. I know he doesn’t get into Pokémon or go on efour, but Skip, if you’re reading this, thank you!!!


Most likely my son (he’s 3 atm) :blush: but I’ll wait and see if he takes interest or just thinks his dads got some gay ass graded cards :joy::joy: if that’s the case they’ll be buried with me muahahah


Earth will inherit all of your collections and then disappear into a blackhole.

My daughter if she shows interest :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also without children, but I plan on leaving one high value card of their choice to each my niece and nephew for memory and having the rest of my collection sold for their college funds. My collection is by no means worth a fortune, but it is extensive enough to cover a substantial amount of their education bills. Assuming I’m still alive when they enter college (afterall, I’m still pretty young), I might still do this and liquidate a chunk of my collection to help them.

Personal Note: I’m actually the only person in my family to ever go to college: neither of my parents graduated high school, and my brother barely passed (as a sophomore, I would often help him with his papers/projects, and in some instances, complete his homework, so he wouldn’t fail his senior English classes). All of my family members are kind, intelligent, and generous people, but watching them miss out on opportunities in life, really motivated me to value education. In fact, I have been a high school teacher for seven years now and find the most joy in life in trying to help others discover their talents and pursue their passions. The summers are nice too . . . plenty of time for Pokemon! :wink:


Probably the kids (I got a bunch) and a percentage to E4 and our family church in Hollywood, California. I might even split up my NR’s with a couple dudes here if I remember to add that to my Trust;)


Don’t give Syndicate any further reasons Gary . . . “accidents” might happen! :wink:


Willy Wonka confirmed :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice to see i’m not the only one thinking about this lol.

My dream is to collect one of every holy grail card then when i’m old create something like The Secret treasure hunt book or Fenn’s Treasure poem and bury the cards all over the country for kids to find if they’re smart enough to interpret my riddles.

I wish more people would do this, everyone loves a treasure hunt.


I haven’t really thought about it, I don’t know how long I’ll even have my collection … but my daughter I guess if she’s interested (she’s only 10 months atm). If anything happened to me I think my wife would just sell everything, she has no interest in mtg or Pokemon but does know the value of some of my cards.

My family is very aware of values but if I was in your position, I’d arrange to have a trusted friend who’s eBay savvy to oversee the dispersal of your collection. It involves a lot of money and requires that attention.


If I get to live the standard ~80 years and I can see the end coming I will likely sell off at some point in the later years all but a very small handful of the most cherished items which only represent a fairly small portion of the value. Basically my core of “never sells” that have emotional/nostalgiac value far surpassing their market value. I would love to be alive to see the joy that the cards bring to the fellow collectors that I pass them on to as I enjoy that part of it today as well. Also knowing that I was getting a fair buck for them and that money could provide more utility as an inheritance than cards would especially considering how often collections are inherited and then tossed/pawned or just sold for well below market value. Of course if the kiddos (neices, nephews, children, grandchildren?) ever show interest and get into it then certainly select cards would pass on as well.

If however my time comes much sooner than that and by surprise I’ve advised the wife a bit on how to go about it. She shows interest in it a bit just because she knows how much I love it and she has ideas of values. I typically try to keep as much listed as possible on eBay of the things that I would be open to selling for the right price. I also keep my e4 and eBay logged in on my laptop. So yeah basically there would just likely be a wave of auctions clearing everything out then the rest she’d be given some contacts to reach out to if she wanted/needed to sell.

I think the former part is obviously what we all hope for but everyone to some extent should have a bit of a plan if things fall into the latter scenario. Hopefully no e4 collections would end up in landfills if anyone were to pass by surprise.


I’ve thought about this very infrequently (as one would expect a 20-year-old to do) but if there were some crazy accident I’d probably want my collection to be sold and the profits to be donated to a worthy charity. I don’t think anyone I know would appreciate the cards the way I do and it would be nice to both get the cards out to appreciative homes and do some good in the process.


The cards will pass to either my other half or my brother depending on circumstances with instructions on what to sell and what to keep. Splits will depend on children and which one the collection is passed to for selling.

My daughter, because she’s the one responsible for getting me into this!

My future kids; should something tragic happen to me before then, my siblings could sell them to help fund college education. Though I’d like them to keep a few to remember me by.