What Will Happen to Your Collection?

A seller I was planning to buy from had passed away 2 months before I found their listing that was still up online, and this led me to think about this. This may seem like a morbid question or something not many people may have thought about, but if anything were to happen to you that resulted in your death, what would you want to happen to your collection? Would you give it to a family member or friend? Would you give it to a fellow collector? If you have children, would you give it to them?

Edit: I seemed to have forgotten about an example from my life, my dad had passed away when I was young and he was an avid yugioh collector. He didn’t have a plan for his cards, and they were passed onto one of my cousins (before you ask, I was really young, there was nothing I could use yugioh for at my age) and my cousin actually has kept his collection. They’re all put away nicely in binders and kept in an air tight bin in a closet lol


I do think about this. I also wonder about the people who have passed away while their cards are being graded.

The best I’ve come up with for myself is to keep a rough estimated value of every notable thing so that when I do join the Great Big PWCC Vault in the Sky it will make it easier for someone to deal with if they want to get rid of anything.


I taught my wife to log into PWCC and highlight every card and just “send to auction”

Just easier that way

So if you see the cards from my collection thread on PWCC and I haven’t posted in a while, feel free to post F on my collection thread


My cards are getting buried with me fam. I’ll make sure my grave has wifi for the insta post when I get exhumed though


In the event of an unforseen emergency I trust my family to work with a reputable auction house to get good prices. I would never expect them to hold onto cards that were sentimental to me when there are bills to be paid and they know how fond I am of specific “worthless” cards anyway (eg, they can keep my very first Chansey, a played Base 2 copy, and sell everything else). Should I have time to plan out I would like to give cards to people with specific collections so they have something to remember me by. However, I am also aware it is asking a lot of someone to keep your card forever. One day they will appreciate it tremendously and treasure the card, planning never to sell. The next, their kid desperately wants to attend an expensive summer academic program, or their sister is on hard times without a job, or their father has medical bills, and they don’t have the funds and feel terrible guilt over selling. So I would likely sell most items myself to make it easier to pass the money on.


Either give them to my brother and my mom or let my girlfriend have them.

It sucks but sadly everyone has a time limit and everyone should have this taken care of should anything happen to them.

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I mean, if you’ve a collection that’s worth something, it might be smart to add it to your will and/or have a will drawn up. I think E4 skews younger so it’s not something a lot of people have thought about, naturally, but I’m at the age where I have things worth something so I’ve an appointment with my family lawyer to have a will drawn up.

Beyond that, I fully plan on selling the vast majority of my collection before I die. Could be a part of funding other things i.e. house, retirement or just funding for vacations and other fun things for me and my family. In the grand scheme of things, this hobby amounts to a small part of who I am. I’m grateful for what it’s brought me but the true value lies in the memories and experiences I’ve had. I’ll probably keep a couple of cards, maybe a binder or two, but beyond that most things will go on and find their next grateful owner. Getting a little longwinded here but I’ve always seen myself as a temporary caretaker of the cards in my collection. They’re mine for now but they’re never truly only mine and I’m always happy to move things onto their next home, provided it’s an owner that truly appreciates them.


Please, that final sentence is just to funny for me, Great Big PWCC Vault in the Sky… But I can see the importance in keeping up with the value of cards for anyone who may inherit a collection.

That is incredibly smart. Also… F

I feel this lol, but I’m probably only taking a few cards to the grave with me, if y’all want them… y’all gonna have to come find me and pry them out of my cold, probably shriveled, dead hands.

Yes, I agree on the time limit. I had someone speak to the seller’s family for me (language barrier) and it turns out that the person did not have a plan for their collection and I believe their collection was just sold to a local store. I just don’t think many people have this thing thought through when they’re young, this seller was mid 20s, so their collection gets left in purgatory for the most part.


Yes, I would direct my mom or family to sell a portion of my collection, although if it were my mom, she’d be too sentimental to do so. I’d probably split some of my binders between friends, especially since I know one of them would love to inherit my little Cynthia collection. I think one of the more important things is that, friends should be told that there is no shame in selling something, because, yes we are dead. We can roll over in our grave as much as we want, but in the end, we receive no benefit in whether the person keeps or sells the cards, especially if it helps them in life. In the end, we are collecting Japanese children’s sparkly cardboard lol

I do have a card or 2 that are worth a chunk of change, not life changing money but an amount that could cover at least 2 months of general expenses for my parents. I haven’t exactly thought of what I would do with my collection, because, like you point out with E4 being skewed towards a younger audience, I am quite young and it’s not something I focus on. I have been grappling with the idea of selling before I were to, as @caughtatpoint said, “join the Great Big PWCC Vault in the Sky,” but it’s not really something I can see myself doing. Especially because a lot of the cards I have that have never reached the chopping block fill ETBs and are connected to memories or people, and it’s at least 1,000 cards that fit that criteria. In the end, I think I will sell (even if I can’t see myself doing so, things change) to fund things in my life, and I’d rather my cards go to a home where they’ll be appreciated and then move on to the next and so forth until they also join the Great PWCC Vault.

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That’s sad :slightly_frowning_face:

I agree not many people think about it especially the young folks and I don’t really blame them after all it’s a scary thing to think about. But for those who are heavily into collecting different things it’s certainly something they need to think over more. Thinking about this now makes me wonder for those who live alone or simply have no one left around due to family/friends passing on I wonder if they thought it through about their collection. Imma stop here its getting depressing now lol.

Honestly, no plans. Which is kinda scary considering that I’d never want these cards sold… I was playing around with the idea of drawing up a will recently, and this thread is giving me the push I need to actually do it.

I would give my 1st edition base charizard to one of my ex girlfriends who thought these things were silly and were a waste of time and money. (Not out of spite just because it is funny and it would help her out some)

I would give a base set charizard unlimited to one of my younger cousins (he is 10 and has an interest in pokemon) want to keep the spark alive for the next generation!

And I would give the rest to my parents and have them be more comfortable in their retirement years.


Yeah, I think it’s also a cultural thing to think about death, because for me, my mom never raised us to be afraid of death and she more or less made it more akin to “the other half to life.” I do think it’s quite sad that there may be people who do or did not have someone to pass their collection on to, and it makes me wonder what happens to them, nevermind that some people aren’t even public with their collections. It is depressing, but I only wondered since recent world happenings and I think about that seller a lot.

Hey man, it might be a good idea to always be prepared. I haven’t written up a will, just because I’m fairly young, but I completely understand the need. I also don’t want my cards to be sold, but in the end, if I’m dead my opinion doesn’t matter lol but I’d rather my stuff goes to a happy home or to someone who will value them like I did.

I think it would be funny to receive a card from an ex and there was no context, circumstances would be sad, but there is a kind of irony there that just has to be cooking for awhile to hit really well. I’d probably gift parts of my collection to young family members or any of my friend’s children because you’re right, we want to keep the hobby alive and get more people in.

I don’t think I would have a choice on giving cards to my parents, I’m sure my mom would take a binder for herself to be sentimental over lol

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Same place they go when I sleep, in my arms.


To the grave >😊

In all reality though I have a family member who knows who to contact that I trust will help them liquidate my collection.

If I make it long enough to become a little old man, they’ll most likely hit the auction block before I pass. Mark your calendars.


I’ll probably enjoy them for the majority of my life but sell a lot before I get too old to spend the money. I will keep some forever but don’t think I’ll have anyone to pass them on to if I live to an old age.

If I was diagnosed as having 6 months to live I’d probably sell them all and blow all the money on a Lamborghini and a holiday. Otherwise if I died unexpectedly I’ve told my parents how much they are worth roughly

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My wife gets everything. I have it in my will that a good friend of mine will help her sell them because she doesn’t really know anything about their values.


I guess next time I revise my will, I will add the collection and it will goto family members who deserve it.

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Everything besides my 2 favorite cards will be sent to PWCC, I hope to pass down the ones not sold forever. **ideally**