Sniper and Gorillas.

Rats are tough, but hawks would pick them off. Lions were up there. Gorillas having hands seems important here. Sniper would kill you right away if not selected.


Sniper and Rats. 10k is a lot of rats. Sniper shoots the enemies one after another while they’re busy keeping the rats from biting their soft parts and eyes.


Sniper and Iberian bulls.

Two bulls stomp the rats and crocs, one of them go for the bears, two of them skewer the gorillas. The sniper (and me if I’m allowed a weapon) open fire at the eagles and lions, flanked by two of the bulls. None of the wolves manage to get to us in time before he/we manage to kill all the eagles and the lions.

Now, there are only wolves left, 3 bulls have been killed, the rest badly wounded but still standing. They form a protective circle around us as we open fire on the wolves.

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Sniper and gorillas gotta be it. Humans conquered the planet and I love gorillas and monkeys


So, I would not choose the sniper, a bird can grab the gun and then you’re left with a useless person or the rats can over run the person. I won’t choose the birds tho because breaking one wing with a swipe from an animal will pretty much ground it. No bears because they can be over run by rats and their claws are made for digging not clawing, their most effective thing is their weight and teeth. Not lions either as lions rarely do the hunting, it’s the lionesses, if we had the choice of lioness instead of lion I’d probably choose lioness. Bulls are massive but easy to take down, a single alligator can take down a bull buy crushing the snout or legs. Wolves have to work together to take down one large prey animal, so it does not make sense to choose them to defend you against a bunch of predators. Best choices are rats, alligators, or gorillas.
I’d choose rats because 10,000 is A LOT of rats and their bite is strong enough to break flesh AND they’re master climbers. The best thing about them is that they cam also take a fall much better than the rest of these animals, and it’s because they’re so small, so if birds were to grab them and drip them they’d most likely survive unscathed.
If the terrain was mostly water than alligators would be a fantastic choice as they can not only tear a large animal apart without issue, but they’re fast swimmers AND runners. Outrunning one is difficult with their powerful jaws… yeah a tough fight.
Gorillas are massive and generally incredibly strong. While not as great as alligators in certain circumstances, they would be incredibly imposing and dangerous.

Final choice is rats and gorillas.


Assuming “the rest are coming to kill you” means they’re working together to accomplish the task…

10k rats and 50 hawks.

Rats will literally eat through anything and outnumber everything. Hawks have aerial advantage and are incredibly smart with sharp talons. There’s also nothing else with aerial reach. Once the hawks and rats overrun the sniper it’s game over. I have the high ground.


Easily bears, and then most likely hawks. 50 is not a negligible amount, and can easily swarm and blind targets one by one, then proceed to dive bomb rats over and over. Bears are the obvious choice, being an absolute Apex predator, and with what Ive seen them to do a moose, the gorillas and lions wouldn’t stand a chance. neither would the bulls, barring they don’t get a lucky shot with their horn and stick the bear in a vital spot. As for the rats, that would just be fun for the bears.

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Realistically it has to be the rats. Like muk said, 10k is just so many rats.

Outside of that, it depends partly on the terrain. If it’s a jungle with bumpy ground and lots of cover, the sniper would not be all that effective. That said, I would still pick the sniper in most cases. I don’t think any of the animals would be able to reach him quickly enough to stop him doing enough damage (maybe the hawks). Short of building an animal carcuss-fortress I think he would get you eventually, so best to have the sniper on your side.

The other choice I think would be the gorillas: a mix of the bulls’ strength and the bears’ cuddliness. This is important because you want a couple nearby to protect you/hold you for emotional support, but also for the rest to be able take care of the other animals. I think the gorillas could handle everything except the rats. The hawks are scary but I think gorillas swinging wildy would be able to hold them off. Bulls are scary, they might just stampede and make a giant shish kebab.

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Buzzkillington question: Is the human not able to use human things? Like do we have to pretend humans don’t have buildings we could just sit inside while the animals fight one another? Not to mention all the technology.

People saying 50,000 rats is a lot, new york has entered the chat

Humans & gorillas would be the best imo.

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The teams go head-to-head Braveheart-style on an open field. Literally nothing can protect you except the animals on your team.


Defending bulls and sniper combo:

VS Gators: the bulls agility and range is superior on land, get behind the gator out of range of a direct counter hit to the muzzle and crush the lumbar/sacrum-region with a well placed 700kg stomp and leave them to die. The tail will not stop the bull.

VS Gorillas: even if the 200kg ape could somehow get its round maxilla at the exact right spot on the bulls throat and deliver a near impossible strike, the bull would have killed it 10 times over before that happens. The bull can kick, so no nut shenanigans either.

VS Lions: this is more difficult, which is why I advice to let the sniper deal with them. Still, 4 adult male lions (which, despite not doing the bulk of hunting, are far stronger than lionesses) don’t stand a chance against more than 2 bulls, and the kill would take time, leaving them open to the sniper.

VS eagles: this could get very bad considering the number of eagles, but again the sniper.

VS: rats: this is problematic. But the rats have to jump, hit the man parts and rip them on a target mowing them down at 40mph, with limbs and muscle constantly moving the target area. Even if they hit, it will take time before the bull bleeds out and is stopped. Every cloven hoof hitting the ground is another dead rat.

VS bears: 350kg prime condition bear VS 700kg of pure fighter-bred androgenic hyperplasia, the Iberians are built to kill, their aggression sets them apart from other oxen. They don’t behave like prey, which is what a bear would normally have as an advantage against cattle. Like drafthorses, the Iberians are built so so so much heavier than all the Cervidae the bears usually go against, and I have first hand experience with what a Moose (the king of the Cervidae) can do.

VS wolves: the iberian is smaller but just as hard if not harder to take down as a fully grown bison, and it takes 5-7 wolves lead by strong males to take down one Bison consistently. Again, the Iberian is a killer, the Bison is not. You stall the wolves until last, because they’re not the most immediate threat. Then you pick them off with the gun when everything else is dead.

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10,000 Raticate would be enough to take out all the others. Imagine 10k Hyper Fangs tearing through the enemy Pokemon. It would easily take down 50 Pidgeotto, 10 Feraligatr, 3 Ursarings, 7 Tauros, 1 Intelleon, 15 Mightyena, 5 Slaking, and 4 Pyroar. Raticate is king here.

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Sniper and gorillas.


Sniper rats

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If it’s an open plain you will die regardless of animal choice, there are too many animals attacking vs defending.

If it’s say a 100 meter distance, the crowd favourite rats can’t kill everything attacking in the like <10 seconds it will take for the majority of the animals to reach you.


50 pidgey + sniper if pidgeys can carry me + sniper gg if not we die

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just the rats should do the trick


Ugh it’s so tough. Literally it’s 10,000 rats. You cannot defend against that. They’ll eat you alive.

I don’t think the sniper is much use if he’s being attacked be 50 hawks.

Do we have a moral obligation to pick the sniper so another human may live or die with us? Destiny bond yo.


I’d go Hawks (whatever kind of bird it is) and Rats.

Sniper seems like an obvious choice for your own protection right? WRONG, this is a mistake. To start, we don’t know the actual setting we are having this ultimate fight. Is it an open desert? a jungle? a forest? a massive cruise ship? collectorcon? Is it nighttime? morning? sunshine? hurricane? windy? clear weather? This matters considerably. I feel that, given the setting, one could simply hide out from the sniper. It’d be challenging, but you need the extra option for defense as one sniper won’t do shit against any of the other options. We also don’t know how close one is to these other animals. If we are all Hunger Games style in a giant circle, you are going to die regardless of who you chose. But if there is space, you have some options. Don’t wanna go too far into the “what if” side of this, thats Marvel’s job. Now im not saying it will be easy to simply “hide” from a sniper, let alone the other creatures trying to kill you. However, I think that given enough space, the right setting, and some luck, one could pull it off.

Anyways, the hawks should be able to easily gang up on all of the other animals, with the alligator/crocodiles being the most troublesome. Sure, all the other options are massive. But are they 50 hawk massive? Does anyone think that 3 bears can take 50 Hawks? I dont. Hawks are also the only semi range option next to the sniper of course. Hawks can work together to gang up and target specific animals. If it is one on one, the hawks are in trouble. But when you have 5? 10? 20? 30? hawks, its a no brainer. They can pick off the other targets with ease and can simply fly above their heads. The sniper may get lucky and hit a few, but I doubt they can shoot more than 10. The Hawks don’t really have any major counter. The massive animals don’t have any cover (save for the gators and crocs), and the sniper can’t hide from the immense eyesight of the Hawk. Hawks literally spot small critters from hundreds of feet up in the air and surely can eventually locate the sniper. With the crocs it’d be a waiting game, but all one would need to do for safety is move far away from the water. Crocs can run like 30 feet, big woop.

**Now, as Archer best put it, everyone should be afraid of ANY APEX PREDATOR that lived through the K/T EXTINCTION, PHYSICALLY UNCHANGED FOR a HUNDRED MILLION YEARS because it is the PERFECT KILLING MACHINE…** BUT, 10k rats?:thinking: 50 Hawks???, no brainer, the gators/crocs are screwed.

Rats are chosen as I honestly think that none of the other options can take them. 10,000 is A LOT of rats. Like an insane amount. Imagine a shoe, maybe size 10 male, thats a single rat. Now imagine an entire shoe store. Thats like what, 200 hundred pairs of shoes, maybe 4-500 MAX? Thats (generously) ~1000 rats. Now imagine 10 stores of shoes, you get the idea. Sure a single rat is no threat, but its when they work together that you really get some results. Rats are also pretty quick, can climb, jump, swim, and eat through just about anything given enough time, effort, hunger, etc. The rats are honestly the most dangerous option as there is no counter. The birds and crocs would have the best chance against the rats, but again the sheer volume of 10,000 RATS is unbeatable. Any of the animals could maybe destroy 20-30 rats before they get swamped by them.

As far as strategy goes, the first task is to locate the sniper. His range is the most deadly part of this. Once he is down though, ez game. As far as the other animals go, running wont be an option, so the best chance for survival will be distraction. That is where the Hawks come in. They will work together to swarm the other animals, hopefully with some success. Meanwhile, the rats are going to be working together to slowly but surely overcome the other creatures.

Don’t feel like typing any longer, but there you go