Which is harder to pull in Mode? Amazing Rare or Secret Rare

For Japanese sets and English (Amazing Volt Tackle) going forward?

i would imagine secret rares are still the harder of the two to pull. in a full booster box, i’d think you’d only pull 1 secret rare and maybe 2-3 amazings. you can get about 1-2 amazing rares in each of the japanese boxes, and japanese booster boxes have fewer packs too.

I don’t think it’s possible to get 2 amazing fares in a Japanese box. As far as I know it’s 1 per Japanese box


This is correct. In Legendary heartbeat its one Amazing rare and one secret rare

interesting. i swear i saw a box opening with 2 amazing rares being pulled. maybe i got mixed up.

You might have seen someone open the marni box which comes with 2 legendary heartbeat boxes inside hence 2 amazing rares.

So theoretically in Japanese am I correct in saying pull rates are equal for amazing rates and secret rates? (Approx 1 per box)

In Japanese Legendary Heartbeat/Pulse. I am guessing the Hyper rares and gold cards to be hardest to pull.

Each booster box usually just has one amazing rare and only one SR, HR or UR Gold Card.

I don’t know if true or not but I heard of some of boxes on release having one Amazing Rare and two secret rares.

I have only opened three booster boxes, one with my daughter and have pulled two SR full arts Zarude full art & Coalossal full art, 3 different amazing rares Jirachi, Zacian & Rayquaza (luckily no doubles) and one UR toughness cloak Gold card.

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