Sealed Japanese Base set booster box value

Hi everyone so ive just got one of these at auction on ebay for £460($700)
Is that a fair enough price?Also what is the chance of there being no rarity cards inside the packs,has anyone heard of someone getting a japanese base booster box and there being no rarity cards in it thanks for your replies in advance.

That’s a fair price.
The chances of no rarity are slim but you can always hope:)

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From @venusaursjungle ? I was bidding on that, went just too high for my liking.

I’d keep it sealed mate, not many of those floating about these days!

I really wouldn’t open it just to chance no rarity as like has already been said the chances are so slim. I also think it’s a shame for people to buy old boxes just to open up then sell them off seperately personally, if you want just a few buy single packs if you don’t then buy boxes but keep them sealed, booster boxes values rise higher in proportion to packs in my opinion.

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Chances might be slim to get No Rarity - but think of how awesome it would be if you did. :wink:

But seriously I’d keep it sealed.


Alright mate got it from someone else on ebay uk,would have got it for £360 but one buyer kept bidding me up.

Hi thanks for your advice everyone. I am going to wiegh the packs to get all the holos sent to psa and send the packs with no holos in them to psa to get graded as well.My main goal for collecting pokemon cards is to get every japanese holo from base set to skyridge in PSA 10.I have wieghed a holo japanese base set card and a non holo one and there is a 0.02 gram difference so my plan should hopefully work.Keep one PSA 10 of each card,sell the rest that get a psa 9 or 10 and keep a few of the graded packs and sell the rest.I would love to keep it sealed but need something to kick start my collection,I have only had the time to concentrate on buying cards to sell and I am very excited at getting this box,keep hoping it will be no rarity cards,must be a few boxes out there somewhere :slight_smile:

But every pack has a holo lol.

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Japanese base had a 1 in 2 chance (I think) of having a holo. My 2nd ever pack of Pokemon was Japanese base and it was base nonholo rare trainer, 3rd pack was Japanese base also and had a holo charizard.

Right. I was being facetious. it just seemed like every pack because of the English comparison.


Sure its one holo in every 2 packs for japanese base set,hope it is a holo in every pack:-)
Japanese jungle,fossil and rocket boosters all have a holo in each pack so its easy to get them mixed up.
Anyone remember opening a japanese base booster box and how many holos you got in the box of 60 packs thanks.

English Base packs have Holos? I always got stuck with Trainers. :slightly_frowning_face:


I pulled soooooo many Devolution Sprays it made me sick lol.

effing lass…

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The Japanese base no-rarity version of that card is actually one of the most difficult to find. Was it an easy pull in the US packs?

Yeah, thorn in many collectors sides i believe, i got a few of them despite only ever getting a few packs.

Rare in Chinese packs too. BUT its in one of the theme decks. So annoying to pull in a base set booster pack.

No different than anything else. It’s just less exciting than other pulls.

Is the Japanese no rarity version hard to find because it had a different pull rate? I’d think it was just less likely to have been kept and taken care of, or was used in some early deck, or something along those lines that spread them out. People think they’ve found something valuable when they find a Charizard. They might not know to list that lass. Haha