Sealed Japanese Base Booster box

Hi Guys,

My next endeavour is going to be booster boxes (looks like I’m going to struggle to get another Chinese one!)

ANy ideas on how much I should be paying for a Japanese box? Love the artwork!

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Last one I saw went for £600 so thats £10 a pack, I personally would pay about that at that most,hoping to buy one myself soon and get the holos graded:-)

I know of two that are available for $600 each currently.

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There is a beat-up one on eBay for auction now. Should be interesting to see how it sells with the damage on the corners. Personally I would rather pay more for a nice conditioned box to keep it sealed and in a display case (:

I put a bid on that, it ended up gojng for a lot more than I expected.

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I have to admit me too, I thought it would sell in the $450-475 range because of how noticeable that dent was. I figure whoever won that box would open it, but at the final sale price not so sure now.