Which Charizard would you buy if you had 2k

Just picked up my first one last week and arrived today. So iconic.

So I would say PSA 8 Charizard Shadowless.

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Ex dragon charizard 100%. Such a beautiful Arita piece and such a realistic feel to charizard.

Gold star charizard, better art than base imo. On the japanese side, you could land a quite clean raw one for $2k, or a PSA 8 with some change leftover

Spanish Base Set 1st Edition Charizard PSA9

Stormfront in PSA 9! Iconic card


Blaine’s Charizard for me!

I’d probably get the e-card promo Zard, a psa 8 shadowless for my set or the ex zard from frlg.

PSA 9 and lower holo wotc cards are pretty underrated imo! Great value for NM old cards!

CGC 9 1st ed. Blaine’s Charizard no question. That should fit neatly within that price range as well.

As for underrated WOTC cards…that’s a tough one. There’s potentially so many answers to that question. One that comes to my mind Giovanni’s Nidoking (one of my faves). It’s card art and moveset at the time were actually realyl good.

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Base Set Shadowless - nothing beats classic!

You wouldn’t get this for 2k, Christ lucky to get an English one for that

Choose your starter!


Selling the 8.5?:eyes:

PSA 10, fairly cheap card atm but something about that holo pattern is so pleasing

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