Where to purchase Japanese single cards?

Hey guys,

On a recent trip to Japan, i got carried away and bought a few too many gaia volcano/ tidal storm boosters (primal clash), which left me with a set about 80% complete.

Does anyone know a good value website for purchasing/importing cards from Japan so i can complete this (to the uk). Ebay shows each SR/UR card to be 10$+, which is crazy considering a booster box wouldnt be much more than this if you were to buy it in Japan probably!



You have to remember, that not every box contains a SR and UR are even rarer. The accepted ratio is 1 box out of every 2 should contain an SR. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why they sell for what they do on eBay.

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I’m sure members here have what you are looking for if you wanted to make a buy/trade thread.


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Boxes in Japan sell retail typically between ¥2250-3500. As already mentioned by previous members, boxes do not guarantee a SR, especially with XY9.

There are japanese auctions sites which require a middleman to use. Make sure you calculate the cost of the product + middleman fees + import duties and shipping. For new set cards like this, there are multiple options to purchase, it all depends on your personal preference.


You can search your auctions here - buyee.jp/category/yahoo/auction/2084241343

This will help you search for your stuff on the website - www.elitefourum.com/t/yahoo-japan-search-guide/13488/1

Then you use A middle man Service which can be found by a dude on here who does it for people and best prices - @japanime

Just send him the link of the auction your after and message him to buy the things for you :blush:


Thanks for the awesome responses! Does using a middleman for yahoo auctions still make it cheaper than elsewhere?

I should have resisted all those japanese boosters…but I just couldn’t resist! My brain won’t be at rest until the set is complete now!

Sometimes, @japanime charges 15% and YahooJapan is buy at your own risk and you have to pay for postage which may be included elsewhere.

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Exactly :blush: I’m sure many members will have the cards you’re looking for if you post which ones you want. Tidal Storm/Gaia Volcano is a fairly common set.

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There are a few websites too that deal in Japanese cards if you don’t want to go through with a middleman?


cards are in good con. I bought from them. Not my type of con so I wont be buying from them.

But if you just want to finish off your set I would say look on this site.

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Second this, TCGRepublic is amazing so long as you aren’t looking for gem mint 10 cards. The newer the card that you’re getting is, the more likely it is that it will be pretty darn close to gem mint as well. Also their customer service is amazing; I’ve been given a full refund twice now for cards that arrived with obvious damage, no questions asked. And mind you, this is two cards out of hundreds that I’ve bought from them at this point.

I’ll need 251!

Just had a look at TCGRepublic and it seems like it will do the job! A big selection at reasonable prices. Before i take the plunge though, do you guys have any any similar websites i can peruse?

pokevault, collectorscache, pokeorder, stop2shop, these all might have something? They generally don’t have recent things (aside from pokevault)

UK card collector only sells minty fresh cards, so you can check them out too.

Yea they also have a fair few that aren’t listed so if you send them a list of your wants you may be able to sort something out, though I tried to enquire about the condition of the play master ball they have to no response.

I do wish you could specify unlimited or first edition when buying from TCGRepublic


From my experience, if you’re buying just one copy of a card, they usually send you what is shown in their pic. If you purchase 2+ copies of a card though, it’s usually a mix of unl. and 1st. Ed.