Best place to order Japanese boxes?

Hey guys, I’m sorry if there is already a thread about this.

I see people talking about preordering and ordering Japanese booster boxes all the time, what is the best place to do something like this? Do the majority of you just go through eBay or is there some good websites to do so? I’m really looking to start buying some boxes and I’m just not sure where to start or even what prices I should be paying. I’m not sure if ebay is too high a price or whatnot.

Also is there sites where you can order boxes of Japanese cards from recent past sets such as Phantom Gate for reasonable prices?

Thanks for any help :blush:

The absolute best place is

You have to be prepared to be patient with new releases though as they frequently “sell-out” of preorders quickly and restock the preorders sporadically. So if they are out of stock, check every day.

If desperate go to as a backup.

EMS is a very cheap shipping method considering it’s express.

Awesome thanks guys I really appreciate it. I really wanted to start buying Japanese boxes and getting some pulls on my own.

I checked out Amiami briefly and I don’t think they differentiate between unlimited and first edition, is there any way to tell if you’re getting 1st or is it just whatever they send you?

I dont think so, I just got an order of 3 bandit ring, 1 phantom gate and one of each gaia volcano/tidal storm, the gaia box was unlimited but I dont remember seeing that written anywhere.

There is no way of knowing with amiami if the boxes you order are first edition or not. Somewhere on their website ive read it stated that they are unable to even tell you if you message and ask.

Generally if you pre-order or get the boxes as soon as they come out, they will be first edition, but if you wait down the line then its just chance as to what you get.