other places to get japanese booster boxes?

I know about Amiami, I was just wondering if their are any other good pokemon websites where you can order boxes and such? Thank you!

I’d be interested to know this aswell, I’m currently looking at korean ones too

Yeah I know but I haven’t ordered wild blaze stuff yet and always get nervous on tentative pre order

it’s too hard now to find decent deals… T.T I live in Asia, and the market for pokemon cards here is completely saturated…

You went so hard
inb4 Charizard Exs all have damage and won’t get 10s, did this happen to anyone’s X and Y boxes? Happened to all my Blastoise and Venusaur :slightly_frowning_face:

Amiami are have already sold out their pre orders for pretty much everything Wild Blaze related.
I put in a pre-order for 4 WB Boxes when it first got announced, went back to try and add some more boxes + decks + deck covers and they are sadly sold out on all of them :slightly_frowning_face:

EDIT: They have opened up some more pre orders for the Wild Blaze boxes, wooo

Amiami is the best place to purchase unless you know who supplies them :wink:. My 8 booster boxes and 3 decks will cost 21000 yen in total which is slightly cheaper than amiami prices.