Where do you buy newer Japanese booster boxes?

Hi guys

I was wondering where you all order your booster boxes? I dont know if ebay is the best/cheapest way or if there are online stores with better prices.

Thanks in advance

amiami has the best prices on new release Japanese boxes, you will not find a cheaper place.


Unless you know who supplies them.


I assume you aren’t actually willing to share that information, however. So Amiami is still cheapest, yes? Haha

Alright thanks… those Prices are really good… Unfortunately most of the older XY/BW boxes are sold out :slightly_frowning_face:

Amiami price isn’t too higher than what I pay but when in large quantity it adds up. For the normal buyer Amiami would be the best route.

Speaking of buying from Japan does anyone know a good Japanese middleman for yahoo Japan?

I think generally people here use Noppin if they’re in a hurry or Japanime, the member here, if they’ve got some time. Japanime is easier to work with, but also slower to respond. So it’s a trade-off.

I’ll give him/her a pm. I was talking with a guy on ebay and he says he provides that service but he cares 30% of the item plus fees, bank fees and shipping. I’m basically paying the item plus 50%.

What’s the going rate for middle men on yahoo Japan so I can be informed.

Agreed and disagree for some places like noppin you get charged 500 JPY per order, regardless…
So a 100 JPY item starts at 600 JPY + wiring fees + shipping already!

Exactly. I use Noppin only when the fees are less than 20% (they get better with higher prices).

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Is noppin a website or a member on here?

It is a third-party bidding website. Best part about Noppin is how much control their customers have. Deposits are processed immediately and so are bids. Their website allows the user to view, watch, and bid on items. They also allow you to shop on other Japanese websites and their rates for that service are hard to beat.

Now I’m using Buyee, 700 ¥ for each purchased item + 1000 ¥ to prepare the shipping box with all your items purchased, then pay shipping cost.

I prefer to buy japanese box directly from Japanese sellers on ebay. :blush: