When will the 20th anniversary boxes go out of print?

Anyone got any clue? Have they stopped the Mythical mew box prints yet?

Any news on evolution boxes too?


Either when the demand dries up and/or a new release hits.

I’m fairly confident all of the Mythical boxes are out of print. Evolutions will remain in print likely for quite a while.

I wouldn’t expect to see a rise in value for these for quite some time.

It’s out of print?! Good but there’s still so much on the market, im contemplating whether or not to dump them or keep them as they take up a lot of space and the return doesnt look good right now.

Evolutions make me sad :confused:

Haven’t seen them in stores lately so I also think they are out of print.

I think the Mythical boxes will see price increase much faster than Evolutions boxes. Regarding the price which they were available to me, all fees included it would be about 82.5 on Evo and 9 on Mythical boxes, but the percent markup on the Mythical boxes already is fairly large, and I don’t see it coming down, especially because the Generations packs have almost 50% of Ex or Full art per pack. Only problem with them is the space they take up

I don’t understand why everyone think the Mythical boxes will rise in price. There are NO cards in the set that people actually would pay a lot of money to pull.

Probably because it’s somewhat a unique set and that you must buy these boxes to get the generation packs but you’re right, the cards in the set are not amazing.

The boxes take up space and the prices fluctuates quite alot, the price has actually gone down since Ive bought mine which so I am actually in the red zone with these boxes.

They may not be in the stores but there are still quite a few online but I guess the print run has ended

It is still a defining set. Limited availability in terms of type and obviously no booster boxes. Will it be flashfire? No, but a few of the factors point in the upward direction.

The Mew box went up a lot in price after a few months it was out(up to $33 at one point).

Probably because the Pin,IMO it was the best one ever.

Then it tanked in value again, guessing when suppliers made the last massive order.

But people will pay to pull EX/FA cards. I think that even without Gold Zekrom/Reshiram, LT could still maintain a decent box price over time, which is a somewhat similar set