When to start worrying about packages in customs.

Did my first international purchase in a long time. I have a package from Australia with the tracking saying “Cleared and awaiting international departure Wed 22 Apr”. Can anyone confirm this is typical right now with COVID? Seems like a long time to sit around before departing. Thanks

I’m actually in a similar situation here. I live in the U.S. and ordered a figure from Japan back on April 1st. Seller shipped it on the 7th and on the 8th it updated as “Processed Through Facility OSAKA INT.” Since then the tracking hasn’t updated at all and I think a few days after I ordered it japan declared a state of emergency. Looking through Ebay feedback it seems that other people have received their items from this seller, or other items from Japan during this time so I have no idea what to do. I keep hoping that the tracking will update again any day but by now it’s been a month since it’s updated. I read an article that said that packages were going to potentially be shipped back to the senders if they couldn’t be mailed out internationally. Not sure if the tracking would show something like this though.

Yeah I would not be happy having to wait that long. I’m waiting on a pop 1 card I shelled out big money for so kind of starting to freak out. I sent them partial trade and that left the US the 18th and hasn’t gotten there yet, but at least it cleared customs in 1 day…

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Some stuff I have shipped has taken like 1 month to get processed after arriving to the USA, sadly I think delays like this are normal now due to covid.


I would not appreciate having the anxiety of not only receiving a delivery, but making sure my end of the deal got there too! The figure I bought was a large purchase for me as well, a character I’ve been waiting years to add to my collection. I bought it at the time because Paypal Credit ran a special where they would take $50 off a $300+ dollar purchase, so I bought it and paid off the card. Without the deal, I wouldn’t have made this purchase when I did.

The other buyers who left feedback might not be from U.S. tho. Some Japanese sellers/companies has declared it can take months for items to arrive to USA now.

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One was a negative feedback saying that they had received other orders from Japan, but not whatever they had ordered that they were leaving feedback for at the time. I assume at some point there was a cutoff though.

Here is one example, April 4 to May 4 for the package to move out from ISC Chicago IL, it sucks but nothing u can do really.


yeah I’m waiting on a psa 9 1st Ed base raichu from the USA and was last updated on the 19th of April that it was leaving origin country at LA so I think its pretty normal right now so I’m taking a chill pill

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I purchased something from australia on march 20th and it didnt get delivered until may 2nd. I know its hard to be patient, but it will come

Chicago seems to be the damn bottleneck for most packages traveling through USPS. Even a package shipped to me from Chicago (I’m in Michigan) took 9 business days to arrive, normally it’s 2 at most.


I don’t think it’s time to panic yet. But I do agree it’s freaking slow right now! But at least it’s coming in just don’t know when


Too much anxiety for my blood. I’m sure it’s all legit deals but paying for something a month before I get it and being a big purchase I’d be freaking out daily. I can be a anxious person tho. Before convoid I use to order from Canada sometimes but havnt tried overseas yet

I think I have like 10 things sitting in a Japan harbor somewhere


@i drive a Lapras You have the best name on the forum haha. Gotta love it :slight_smile: sorry for being random had to throw that out there

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Despite Auspost being slow as hell at the best of times, they are pretty solid and for me have a good track record for not losing packages.
I also sent out 3 things during April and none of them have even left the country yet. Seems about standard for these times.

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I sent out 2 packages from Aus to the US on the 21st of March. One was express post and one was not. The express package arrived about a week ago and the regular one is still in Australia. Like what is said above, it is taking a lot longer but I’ve never had any issue with lost parcels with Aus post.

You think that’s bad?

I had sent a large parcel to Australia about 2 months ago with a good amount of value in it. I dropped it off at my post office, and the tracking didnt update for about 3 weeks. I asked at the post office and it had already been sent.

Long story short, about 5 weeks later, the buyer pmd me a picture of his delivery, all safe and sound. Phew!

But then, why did the tracking not update once throughout? The buyer showed me the tracking on it…it had changed!!

Crazy stuff!

I’m based in Australia. I’ve sent 8 packages internationally in the last two months, and only one has arrived at its destination. The other 7 haven’t left the country according to the tracking information, including one that I sent in mid-March and another two at the start of April. I think a 2-3 month wait might be standard for a little while unfortunately.

Annoying as both a buyer and a seller but I think patience is the name of the game right now. Not much anyone can do about it.

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I bought something from Australia on March 10th, the tracking updated on March 18th then it never updated again. It got delivered on May 3rd.
My guy said you have to handle the packages on the conveyer belt in order to scan. Most employees want to handle stuff as little as possible.

Now, what do you do? Don’t check tracking. Don’t lose sleep. Don’t make threads like this. Don’t worry, Be happy. All the ranting above means nothing and accomplishes nothing. YOU CANT CHANGE ANYTHING, so why waste your time. Give it 3 months, then contact seller to ask if the item was returned to him.

That’s it.