... What's your Pokemon Team? What are your top 6 favorites?

So we’ve all probably played the games or still currently doing so, but here’s two questions I’ve wondered about all of you:

  1. What is your ideal Pokemon Team?
  2. What are your top 6 favorite Pokemon?

As for my answers I have these:

  1. My ideal Pokemon team consists of non-legendary Pokemon. See, I do this weird thing where I imagine, as a Trainer, the impossibility of catching “Legendary” Pokemon and thus only train my top 6 non-legendary Pokemon. Which is hard, because my list of “favorites” is very short overall and so coming up with my 6th favorite was really hard to choose and for a few weeks I struggled between Nidoking/Sableye/Alakazam/Metagross/Tyranitar because there were always Pokemon I enjoyed aesthetically and conceptually.

Finally I chose these:

  • Gyarados (duh)
  • Volcarona (I skipped on the generations after Leaf Green and all that, but when I started playing X/Y, I found out this Pokemon existed and if it weren’t for my previous love for Gyarados, they would have become my new favorite).
  • Lucario (my mega, who I hated at first because in the Smash Brothers Game, he replaced Mewtwo, but grew to love him in the X/Y game)
  • Scizor (Gyarados and Scizor were always a part of every team I had in every game, and prior to that it was Scyther)
  • Greninja (LOOOOOVE Protean, the aesthetic of the Pokemon, and yeah, quickly became a favorite after playing him and now I main him too in the new Smash Brother’s game).
    And finally:
  • Alakazam (to be honest, I’m still questioning on whether I like Nidoking or Metagross more, they all draw on a very thin line but Alakazam has a special place because he was the first Pokemon CARD I wanted out of any other).
  1. As for my top 6 favorites, including Legendary, they are these:
  • Gyarados
  • Volcarona
  • Scizor
  • Entei (I RARELY have fire Pokemon named as my favorites, for some reason I always like the thought and look of many, but when compiling lists of my favorite Pokemon, they rarely get mentioned, but Entei was probably the first fire Pokemon that I outright said, “That one. I want that one right there.”)
  • Rayquaza (I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove dragons, dragons of every sort, was born on the year of the Dragon, have a Dragon tattoo, and when this guy appeared bursting through the skies, I had to catch it, and boy do I love the design on this Pokemon).
    And finally, my favorite legendary of all time
  • Mewtwo (fell in love with his design, his back stories, how the original game led up to finally discovering Mewtwo in such a detailed plot that I am saddened that most other games don’t go into such detail anymore, he’s Psychic, one of my favorite types, badass in the movie, badass in the game, and just all around epic).

So yeah, that’s that. As you can probably tell, I tend to like Water, Dragon, Psychic, Bug, and Steel Pokemon most of all.

So how about the rest of you?

Not my favorite team but the current one I’m working on right now is a dark team. I got the Y game and played during the summer before the semester started. Even though “dark” was a requirement I tried to make the team well rounded.

Tyranitar (always number)
Gengar (not dark but dark themed)

I find it a little funny how 3 of them are megas. I’m sure hydreigon could be a candidate for a mega.

My favorite team is my silver rom file team which consists of:

Flareon (with shadowball)

The best poke I’ve acquired in any game is my porygon z and my dragon dance whiscash is obviously a personal favorite

My team:

  1. Scatterbug
  2. Nincada
  3. Wurmple
  4. Weedle
  5. Caterpie
  6. Spinarak

1.) Zapdos
2.) Gyarados (I always buy the Magikarp for 500 PKMN currency, ALWAYS)
3.) Mewtwo
4.) Lugia
5.) Nidoking
6.) Dragonite

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M Garchomp

Top 6:

My top 6 Pokemon:
1: Espeon
3: Moltres
4: Articuno
5: Mewtwo

when I just read the title and not the thread was almost gonna answer Team Rocket

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I don’t like using legendaries. or even poke’s that’s are too strong for the campaign. The most recent team I was using is:

Gold magikarp
Gold exeggcute
(I used cheats to give magikarp event moves ex; dragon rage, bubble)

Usually I put a restriction on purchasing items as well just to make scavenging a bigger part of the game lol

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#1: Pikachu
#2: Pidgeot
#3: Dragonite
#4: Blastoise
#5: Pokemon that needs leveling to evolve
#6: Pokemon that needs leveling to evolve

#1: Pikachu
#2: Squirtle
#3: Charmander
#4: Bulbasaur
#5: Charizard
#6: Blastoise

#1 Pidgeot
#2 Charizard
#3 Mewtwo
#4 Walrein
#5 Rayquaza
#6 Groudon

Ideal team, not based on competitiveness one bit.
1)Greninja (Shiny)
2)Rayquaza-Mega (Shiny)

  1. Zapdos
  2. Lugia
  3. Gyarados
  4. Mew
  5. Dragonite
  6. Arcanine/Mewtwo
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Hmm this is a tough one :open_mouth:

I’m not 100% sure who I’ll choose.
I usually make my teams based upon the game.

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Dude post us a pic of ur tat!
Chose these in a bit of a rush, i have plenty others.
My faves:

  1. Raichu
  2. Piplup (gotta love the penguin pride!)
  3. Croagunk
  4. Scyther
  5. Pidgeotto
  6. Wobbuffet
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