Whats your holy grail?

So iv been curious about what all your guys’ holy grails are. Whats the best card or cards you own? This is the place to post it and show it off!

My best card is the players promo gold star espeon 025. May not be as good as your grail but im happy with it!


My “grails” right now are to get…

Deoxys 7th Movie Half Deck
Lucario 8th Movie Half Deck

at cheap prices

Rocket’s Tyranitar
VS Commons/Uncommons


Darkrai, no matter what, that is an awesome card!!

My holygrail is none other than the Illustrator but a close second for me is the SNAP Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is my favourite pokemon and the illustration is awesome!! I would do anything to get one. :blush:

Nice! Love it!

Who doesnt love the illustrator?!
And woo! original pokemon for the win!

Also do you have a picture of what the snap bulbasaur looks like? Could you post it on here? I dont know if iv ever seen it before…Thanks :blush:

Here you go:

It’s a beauty!

In my opinion, the ultimate grail is none other than THIS.

Oh God. It’s…so beautiful.

In seriousness, my holy grail is the Champion’s League (2007)

Sadly, my “Holy Grail(s)” would be my Exc-NM Rayquaza Gold Star or my 5 Umbreon Gold Stars. They’re nice, but nothing too special.
I think my next big card purchase is gonna be one of those $100 English promos :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha Tara! I did not know you liked the 07 champions league!

hmm my holy grail would probably be the complete 2002 lottery set i have gotten.

Thanks for the pic! And yes that card is awesome…iv never seen one for sale though…lol

LMAO. Sweet!

Dont be so hard on yourself…i like gold stars better than anything! Their amazing! And 5 gold star umbreons? Thats Awesome! You gotta post a pic of those all together id love to see that

Those cards are awesome! I dont have the complete set but i have the charizard, blastoise and venusaur! Very nice cards indeed!---->

my holy grail card is the Master’s key, L-P Promo… It is not my rarest card but I love Celebi and to have it on a trophy card is quite amazing to me! I love the mystery of this card!

How much did that beast set you back?

I absolutely adore it!

It is shocking how many rare cards we have on this site :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I do have one card…
I’ll scan it/take a photo later :grin:

@smpratte – Yes, I love that card! I’ve been after it for quite some time. I remember it was on eBay in its original trophy case a while ago.

Yep! The Snap cards. Getting a full set would be historic.

CERN scientists have actually hidden a few because they found that having all of them in your possession at once will cause a giant black hole to consume the world. Clearly anyone completing the set will have power never held by humanity before :grin:

(seriously though how amazing would it be to ever get a full set?)