What's your favorite pokemon? No starters, legendaries or..

What’s your favorite pokemon? No starters, legendaries or first choice. What pokemon is that unsung hero in your mind? The one you absolutely love, but won’t think of as your favorite straight away because it’s not that special.

I have to say Pidgeotto and his evo line (realising this after seeing chinese base 1st ed booster box opening by @guangjohto) I always have them in the game, I love their look, their cards are awesome and they are a fun and nice pokemon (tv series). I am looking forward to a set with Mega Pidgeot, one of the more “respectfull” mega’s around.

How about you guys?



Cyndaquil!! Love that cute little fire ball

I’d say Venusaur. Those round lines and thick girth are sooooo cool.

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Cranidos is one my personal favorite “unsung heroes” :blush:

3 replies in three minutes lol.

What’s the appeal?


Bulba claims that it’s Ken Sugimori’s least fav pokemon ever. He is a starter though, so there are some songs… Not really unsung hero.

Haha, I figured as much. Are you that guy that has a metapod at level 100 and uses harden and heal etc Over and over trying to win a gymbattle by making a pokemon use up all their attacks and is left hurting itself with struggle?

That guy only has three cards on his name. And the are pretty awesome too. That would be a fun thing to collect. Every and any language or print of the Cranidos cards!

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I remember thinking it was my best pull out of a couple neo packs, even though I pulled some holos.

He was great in the series too.

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Poliwrath is a unit


Shouldn’t mess around with a toad with gloves on! Best card? I think the Skyridge one with the aerodactyl flying in the background is pretty boss.

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The first hedgehog/echidna/porcupine pokemon. Even when adding in all starters and legendaries, this is still my #1 fave pokemon. Mew, Cyndaquil, Shaymii, Mewtwo, Espeon, Lugia all have to get behind the SLASH!

I have all the TCG cards (one of each art) - but now I am going for more obscure things like Japanese nonTCG cards or such.


Lets see… given my user ID obviously Venusaur is up there, even though I actually like Ivysaur’s design a little better and consider it my favorite pokemon (I use Venusaurs name though because I love card artwork better).

But since starters do not count in this I would have to say my unsung hero is Clefable! I love both clefairy and clefable and the fact that they come from space and their evolution line is so intertwined with the Moon Stone fascinates me.

Others I really love are: Dragonair, Paras, Gastly, Seadra, Slowbro, Vileplume, Victreebel, Tangela, and hell just about all the grass types for that matter

Marill the circles

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Today I feel love for Persian, because it’s a big pussy cat.

lol how many of these threads have we had? I like how they keep opening every few months.

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When I got back into the games and discovered this beauty, it instantly won my heart. Normally fire Pokemon don’t win themselves into my “favorites” list, but this little bug said differently:

Volcarona is such a beautiful moth Pokemon. If I didn’t have my history with Gyarados, Volcarona would have instantly been the number 1 in my heart, even surpassing Mewtwo as a fave.

I also have all of the cards of Volcarona, which isn’t much when you consider only four versions exist. XD

As for real unsung heros: Those would go to my other favorites, Jigglypuff and Venonat.

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Milotic for me.
So aesthetically pleasing, and I love the whole sea serpent/siren it has going on. I’ve always been fascinated with the ocean and the unknowns of the deep, and I feel Milotic captures it pretty well.

Special mentions to Cofagrigus and Mamoswine too.

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