What would you Pay for this collection?

A friend of mine was asking me to make him an offer on his collection of raw cards. All the cards are NM . From the pictures they could be Mint but they have been sitting for several years and I couldn’t see the surfaces super well…or at least not well enough to see if there are any scratches. The edging and corners are pretty clean. Supposing that you were looking to buy this collection with the intention of making a profit…What do you think the value of this collection is? What would you pay for this collection given that you are also taking a partial risk on condition of cards (i.e. these could be 10s but could be 7 or 8s?
I already made my offer but I was wondering what yours would be and if mine is far off from it.


best I can do is 3.50$


600.00 if I had to guess. To buy, I’d have to see more.


This is simply too hard to answer without more information.

Are these all cards he’s had since he was a kid? Or did he pull them as an adult and put them into immediate storage?

I don’t trust any cards people collect as a kid. When I was a kid who collected Pokemon cards, I thought I was keeping my cards in tip-top shape, but when I reviewed them years later… not so much.

But getting 114 1st edition base set cards even in Near Mint condition is pretty good.

I’d say around $900 is retail for everything in NM condition. Almost all the value is in the first 120 or so rows.

I hope whatever the offer is, he gives you the friend discount!

The difference between a psa 5 1st edition blastoise and a psa 9 1st ed blastoise is like $1000. That one card alone makes this impossible to guess

If I had to offer, it would be closer to the 5 price though